Yulia Varava – USMLE Step 2CK 261 Experience




Step2ck experience
Score: 261

Total preparation time: 9 months 3-4 hours a day along with the final year in med school. The last month full time prep(~10h/day)

Q-banks :UW offline along with Kaplan videos(I like obgyn and IM)
Than I did all AMBOSS qb online- totally worths it
After that uw online 1 round
Before exam I repeated biostat from fa step1, uw step1 ,uw step 2 and uwstep3.
I studied UW notes all time. This was like FA for step1 for me))

I did CMS(don’t like it)
Did Old nbme offline(every week last 2 months)
Didn’t do nbme online
Didn’t do anki cards
Didn’t do any other than Kaplan videos
Didn’t do step3 uw except of biostat
Didn’t use FAstep2

UWSA1-260 1 month before exam
UWSA2 271 one week before
Free120 – 90% one day before

The exam was easier emotionally for me than step1, questions were similar to uw (maybe even smaller), some of course were wtf questions.
There were 2 abstracts. Not very hard.
Biostat q were either too easy or very difficult so I felt that I wasted a lot of time by repeating it so hardly)
All other subjects were equally hard)

Step1 is very important to give before step2. IMAO There were typical step1 concepts(~5-10%)
UW concepts are enough but I felt I need more practice in solving questions so AMBOSS really helped.

IT is normal, even with such self assessments , to feel crappy after the exam!! Totally normal! Believe in your assessment)

I would like to say thanx to this group members for answering my questions and support!

Ask me if there are any questions!

October 11, 2019
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