Wafa Latif’s RECENT USMLE Step 2CS experience


Exam Date: May 9th 2018
Status: Passed.
Center: Chicago.

Trust me when I say, that the amount of negativity and craziness surrounding this city was insane when I arrived. The April 25th result came out and many people failed.
It left me doubting me and my abilities. It took a couple of days to orient myself to the library and the new study partners. But I firmly believe that it is YOUR hard work and YOUR determination and YOUR preparation and YOUR belief, that will make you pass.

The exam day passed by like a total blur. I wrote down as many mistakes as I remember as soon as I got out of the exam center. They were:
1. First case was a total “patient shock” and I stuttered and messed up words and everything possibly wrong.
2. One case asked me to repeat what I said (not seen as nicely because it may affect your English component so imagine how scared I was)
3. One case I had completely the wrong diagnosis in my mind and so I did an abdominal exam, when In reality I had to do a CVS exam. I didn’t close that case, I didn’t hear the 5 minute warning because my stethoscope was in my ears! Luckily as soon as I came outside it struck me what the diagnosis was.
4. Didn’t write 3 DD for ANY case. Wrote 1 DD for three cases and 2 DD for 9 cases. Remember, you have to be able to SUPPORT whatever DD you write. Don’t just write some BS to fill in the blanks. This isn’t MadLibs.
5. I closed every other case 2-3 minutes early.

DON’T BELIEVE THE RUMORS THAT CHICAGO IS A DEATH TRAP FOR IMGS. So far, everyone who gave the exam with me and around me has passed. Work hard, practice your patient notes and your encounters and be confident. Good luck everyone!

October 12, 2019
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