Vuha Shruthi’s RECENT USMLE Step 2CS Experience

Hi guys !! I passed….
Took the test at Houston. prepared for 15days. I see today alot of people posted that they have studied only for 2weeks like me, but when I started I thought I was screwed.
I started off looking for a partner and found Vj Usmle . she was just as confused as I was.but we just continued to do what we thought was right. and let me tel you – you will figure it out too. things will become more clear as you practice. we did FA cases 3-4 hrs/day for a week. we did only history part. then I watched youtube videos for examination and thats it.. I went to Houston 1week before my exam.
I freaked out. I thought i was the only one who was preparing in the last min. there were people practicing cases day in and day out and they already had people they knew. me being the introvert that i am…. found it extremely hard and my anxiety got the better of me. This is where awesome seniors like Kamalnath Sankaran Rajagopalan come in. Thank you for helping me out. Jane Rinita Niharika Niha Thank you. so talk to people who have finished the exam. It helps.
Then came my roommate! my savior Mehreen Hussain. she was amazing !! She was like my personalized Gold review prep course. BTW I was so much more worried that I didn’t enter one of those prep courses. I would suggest that you guys do take the mock test if you lacked confidence like i did. but a good study partner is all you need. A big shout out to Mehreen. she could be a legit tutor. we did Sherazi and practiced cases with notes everyday till my exam.
I met some amazing people in Houston. sabaoun (if i got your name right?!), spandana, mythili, Ansh, kate, sonika, sushant. To all of the people, who were kind enough to talk and help me through the process … thank you.
Exam day I was Just happy that it finished. but It was the most nerve wrecking last few weeks.nightmares. flashbacks. I was so sure ill fail. I always wondered what the margin of error was. so here are some mistakes I remember :
  1. Didnt ask D/D specific questions. I could only think of the bluesheet mnemonics. so if you forget anything. keep going with the bluesheet mnemonics. you will get to the D/D
  2. Didnt talk about pelvic exam in 2cases
  3. Didnt flex legs for abd exam
  4. Missed doing 3 major exam findings and writing 1 imp exam even though i did it on the pt
  5. Messed up diagnosis in atleast 2 cases
  6. Messed up counselling in 1 case
  7. Repeated painful movements( I don’t know if you should continue with the examination when the patient says it hurts. I would tel them its imp clue for the diagnosis and thank them for their co-operation)
  8. Came out early in every encounter. this actually scared me because I never finished early when i was practicing. 1 case—- I finished 5 min early. I think i missed something for sure …I don’t know.
  9. Interrupted one pt while talking and asked her to repeat HPI twice.
Do not take this exam lightly. be confident and you will do fine. all the best guys.
October 12, 2019
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