Uttamananda Gour Das- USMLE Step 2CK Experience


Step 2 CK experience:
I gave my exam on last month. Within a span of a week, i have received both Good and Bad news. Both are equally important for my journey on the path of USMLE. I shall talk about the Good one first.

Resources used: UW, CMS, FA CK for few systems, sketchymicro, Lifeinthefastlane website for ECGs
Time for preparation: 9months
NBME 6 (5-6 weeks ago) online – 239
UWSA 1 + NBME 7 offline (1 week ago)- 261 in UWSA 1, dont remember the number of mistakes in NBME 7
UWSA 2 + NBME 8 online (2-3 days ago) – 256 in UWSA 2, 243 in NBME 8
Real deal – 250. I am really thankful to Lord Krishna, my wife and my spiritual master for always being there for me.
Step 1 score – 252

Preparation: I started 1 month after my step 1. I strongly suggest people not to do it, start right after you are done with step 1. For infectious disease, i did only Step up to Medicine, then i just did UW offline for rest of systems, at last point, i did FA CK for few systems, i think that helped me to increase my percentage, before starting a system, i very quickly went through the relevant system on FA CK. I took extensive notes while doing offline UW. This note taking took most of the time of my preparation. i had some family problems, when i couldn’t study. After offline UW, i read my UW notes for once, then did one round of online UW. After that i took NBME 6, it was 239. Then i did CMS within 10 days. I think CMS is important, because it will prepare you for those qs which are not like UW. After giving the exam, i think CMS and NBME 7 and 8 prepared me to face those odd and weird qs. Then i did my UW notes again for the last time. After this, i took both UWSA 1 and NBME 7 at the same day to simulate exam experience. Hopefully, the scores were re-assuring. Then i was reviewing the topics and systems i was weak at, in last week. 2-3 days before the exam, i did UWSA 2 and NBME 8. I was really scared about UWSA 2. Somehow the score was good.

Exam day: I was nervous. But my Lord was there for me. A pure prayer from your heart to your God, makes a lot fo difference. He is always there for us. Obviously you shall face qs that aren’t covered by UW. But most qs are based on UW. So be careful about these sort of weird QS, Do not panic. U dont have time to think much, u read the qs, u had something in ur mind, u choose it and u move on. So reading the qs and understanding it in 1st time, is very CRUCIAL. Don’t loose ur focus here. And try to divide your 1 hour. Like i had a target to complete first 10 qs within 45 minute mark, 20 qs within 30 min mark, 30 q within 15 min remaing, this way u know where u have to be, or how many qs u have to complete within what time.

Finally i am thankful to Lord Krishna, who and whose names were always there for me, no matter what happened, to my wife, my spiritual master, my parents. They were always patient. Whatever i have achieved is because of them.

Things i could have done differently:
1. I see a lot of ppl took a lot less time. But not everyone is same, i also think it takes time for me to understand a concept and to internalize it. I really wish i could do it in less amount of time.
2. I did my NBMEs very late. Hopefully there aren’t many assessments for CK.
3. Start right after step 1.
4. Start using Anki early. Anki was very useful for my prep. It was the sole reason there was increase in UW percentage in 2nd round.

Bad news: My visa was rejected. My test date is on 23rd May, i think i am going to miss that. I hope and pray that i don’t miss this year’s match deadline for this. If anyone has any suggestions for me, how i can improve my chances of getting visa like travelling to europe and all. I am open to it.

I want to thank this group which is amazing, i have received a lot of help and tips. Special thanks to Amit Barua for always being there to answer my qs and to Archana Sreekantan Nair, for her detailed experience, which i tried to follow and got a great deal of help. If you have any qs, dont’ PM me please. Ask in the comment, i shall try to reply.

October 11, 2019
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