USMLE Step3 Experience of few days ago…


Passed step 3. Although my score is not good(which for me doesn’t matter) but still I am writing this review for all the people who are misguided by majority that it’s an easy exam and you don’t need to study blah blah.the thing is it’s a 17 hours exam and you have to put effort to pass it.but yes it’s easier than step 1& 2.

Although I did only 70% of uworld once only, one time UW ccs and some cases from crush ccs but I want to tell you “Don’t do that”. At least do UW your wrong questions again(this is minimum) plus do at least 2 times all cases of UW ccs (the more you practice, the better your reflexes will be on exam day) and CK tables with algorithms.For biostats,step 3 UW and review is more than enough but the key is again practice.

Uswa are good predictors.Take them at least 15-20 days before your exam so that you can work on your weak areas.

P.s :- this is my experience and what I think,I should have done.

October 13, 2019
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