USMLE Step 3 Experience



Passed Step 3 ! Goodbye USMLE

Thank you to this group for all the advice and support.
NBME 4 : 580 , UWSA 1: 227 ( both 2 weeks out)
NBME 5: 580, FRED 75% (both 1 week out)
UWSA 2 : 233 ( 3 days out)
Final score : 234 ( scored borderline for CCS which I regret , I messed up 2 cases completely in the exam and 2 cases i knew didnt go well)

Study time : 4 months whilst working with 1 month dedicated.
CK taken 5 months prior to step 3

RESOURCES ( in order of importance)
Uworld step 3 once , 2nd round 50% completed
Uworld step 3 ccs cases ( one round)
Archer Vides
Uworld step 2 CK tables and charts ONLY (+- 1500 pages found on Ck forum) did 50% ( ones that were not in uworld)
Crush ccs
Biostats Uworld

1. CCS counts 25% of the exam score , please don’t underestimate this portion. Practice Practice Practice.

2. the real CCS software in exam is SLOW ( expect 1-2 sec lag between each order) and there are NO STAT orders like in world or ccscases. Cases are 11 min or 21 min ( they give you 1 min extra for the in between cases lag time. There are 7 20 min cases and 6 10 min cases.

3. Go through the first 3 archer videos before starting to do CCS cases on world or ccs

4. Every block in day 1 ( 6 blocks) has an article with 3 questions attached, yes, Every Block. Leave 10 min at the end of each block to do the bio stats questions so you don’t stress while you work through the other questions. Every block has about +- 7 questions on biostats. ( its a pain but doable, minimal calculations which are straightforward from step 1 only – definitely not as hard as the biostats in step 3 but more similar to the uworld biostats tut.

5. NO Biostats on day 2 and no articles (Hooray!)

6. Day 1 MCQ is harder than Day 2. Day 1 has step 1 questions regarding pharm, micro, immunology, no need to stress over these and start madly studying step 1 FA in detail for this, just refresh your memory +- 3 days before exam by looking through these chapters. Day 1 has about 20% step 1 things but no genetics and biochem luckily for me! Day 1 is also 30-40% CK style questions on diagnosis and next best management.

7. Day 2 MCQ felt much easier because they were prognosis questions and questions were significantly shorter, keep day 1 and day 2 +- 6 days apart so you can practice CCS

8.I didn’t use MTB or any videos , I’m my personal opinion ( take it with a pinch of salt) , if you score more than 240 on step 2 ck, you just need to revise tables and charts from world CK and start step 3 uworld, don’t need to use a book.

9.Results came out on the 4th Wednesday from DAY 2 ( I wrote day 2 on a monday, if you wrote it on a Thursday or Friday then its 3 Wednesday from Day 2)

10. The “Did I Pass” trick – on Sunday morning before the week your result is coming out, your permit on the NBME site disappears, (use link from your your scheduling permit email). Then on the Tuesday Morning, on the FSMB site if your application becomes “expired” with no yellow box to reapply then congrats ! you have passed!

October 13, 2019
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