USMLE Step 3 Experience – Dr. Go


Just got my score.. 206.. I passed, thank God!! I don’t know what happened to me during my exam, i had a terrible time management… Missed 5-6 questions in each of my last 2 blocks during day 1, even the previous blocks I had to rush at the end..

Day 2 MCQs went a bit smoother but almost 10 out of 13 CCS cases went on and on though I was having a positive feedback from the patients, I used the entire time allocated to me for the cases, which was not the case for most of my friends. So I was super anxious about my scores. Though it looks like CCS saved me as my performance is higher in that section. So, I guess in CCS, as long as you are following proper protocol, it’s okay even though your cases don’t end early.

I am posting this because I couldn’t focus on anything in this entire 3 weeks and just want to reassure other people whose exam went as badly as mine. Good luck everyone.

October 13, 2019
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