USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Finally I passed elhamdlellah.

For those who are afraid to take as first step
I took this as my first step and I passed

Took 2 months to prepare, don’t listen to guys who said that they spent only 1 week or 10 days for studying and pass as it does not make sense to me till now ?.

My exam went easily and the SPs are so nice.
What I did forget ?
– I forget to do whole neuro exam in one case
– I miss diagnosed 2 cases
– I did not summarize for 2 patients
– I did not council for the time I need to do

What I did ?
– was so nice with SPs
– greeting patient by the name and ask their permission for every thing I’m doing infront of them
– I sanitize my hand be gentle as much as you can don’t press so much and don’t hurt the SPs and they will grade you ?

Resource used
First aid and Sherazi notes and some information from Khalil notes. After all of that I made my note and I recommend that as making you notes is great and make you know how to ask the questions make the life easier infront of the patient .

Good luck you guys .

October 12, 2019
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