USMLE Step 2CS Experience – NEWEST

PASSED! High performance in all the components, thank God!
April, Houston.
Some tips which may be useful :
1. The SP’s opinion is the MOST IMPORTANT thing. It is a deal breaker. So, be extremely polite and make them feel comfortable. Even if you missed parts of history or PE , they will pass you if you leave the room with a good impression, which means closure is a must. Put aside 2-3 minutes for closure and counseling.
2. Do a quick <1 minute heart and lung exam for ALL cases.
3. Always close the encounter with “Do you have any other questions or concerns?”
4. Try to finish the history part for a neuro case in 6-7 minutes as neuro exam, if done super fast, takes 3-4 minutes and you will need some time for challenging questions/situations and closure.
5. The SP pays attention to your flow during the encounter. Practice enough that everything comes second nature to you and you don’t waste time/look disorganized.
6. FA is more than enough. It will prepare you to deal with challenging cases and situations. Pay special attention to the mini cases. Try to make your own notes for mini cases to help you remember the differentials for each symptom. It may take 4-5 days, but it is worth the effort.
7. In times of stress, no matter how well prepared we are, we may forget to ask some things especially when facing the SP. So, write a brief mnemonic for the questions to ask on the blue sheet along with the top 3 differentials to that case (based on the age and gender; mini cases help a lot in this regard) and the PE to be done.
8. Practice typing the note within 9.5 minutes so that you leave some time for getting out of the room and settling in before the computer.
9. If you have the time and can afford, a mock test can help you build confidence and stamina.
10. Did I mention that you have to be very polite to the SP?

If you have any other queries, feel free to do so. Thank you!

October 12, 2019
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