USMLE Step 2CK – 259 Experience – Faeq Kukhon

USMLE Step 2CK 259

USMLE Step 2CK 259

My step2 CK experience:

Dear colleagues, here is my step2 ck experience written briefly, ..

– Preparation period : 5/8/2014 – 20/1/2015 (about 5 months and a half)

– Exam score : 259

– Materials used : MTB2 for internal medicine (it is too outdated , be careful) , MTB 3 for other specialities , I used kaplan for OBGYN and psychitry too , and of course UW.

– in the first 2 and half months: first reading from books, I was relatively slow so this period can be shorter for others

– in 15/10/2014: bought UW online for 3 months (I didn’t do offline before in order not to overestimate my level in uw) , I finished it the 1st time within 25 days .My accumulative performance was 85%.while doing it I was writing notes from it . In the 2nd time I didn’t resolve it, but I read the exams I did another time with their explanations as if uw was a book (remember that uw is a teaching tool , not an assessment tool ,so don’t panic if your performance was low).

– One month prior to exam I started assessments exam (4 exams) in a weekly manner, so taht during the week after each assessment I could revise my weakness points:

4 weeks prior to exam: NBME 4 (the easiest one ): 265

3 weeks : NBME 6 (the closest to my real score) : 260

2 weeks :NBME 7 (the hardest but the closest to exam difficulty) : 250

1 week : UWSA (the easiest ever , the least one close to exam ) : 265

– Exam: it was harder than all assessments , it was exhausting , after leaving the center I felt that I am going either to fail or to get my score between 220-230..all are normal feelings after such a tough exam.

– Real score : 259

Some important points :

– Prepare well for exam , and don’t panic if you see during exam some hard questions , you are not alone in such feelings

– Exam is getting hard especially for IMG or doctors who didn’t practice medical activity in USA as the current trend (started in 2015 as you can read in their booklet) is to ask more about quality improvement , risk managemet , biostat and ethics (topics of tough questions).

– I read tens of experiences (specially those who did their exams before 2015) ..most share that UW will cover most if not all of questions, to be honest , I didn’t find this in exam..UW is main source but it will cover at most 50-60% .The cause as mentioned above is their current trend to ask more about quality improvement and such bad questions which is not covered adequetly in UW.

– A lot of questions were dependent on way of thinking and reasoning ,another subjective thing in such bad questions.

– I got about 15 questions from basics (step1 material )..this doesn’t mean that you should do step1 first..alot of my friends who did their step1 recently said that they had many step2 it doesn’t differ ,,same problem.

– Day of exam: try to sleep as much as you can ,,it will be an exhausting day.

– This is my may not fit is something try to make our own experience

Good luck

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December 16, 2017
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