USMLE Step 2 CS PASS Experience RECENTLY Taken


exam date- 31st of may
exam center- philly
result- passed (today morning)
Thank you everyone for the support and discussion
exam experience
preparation time was about 1 and 1/2 month . If you are confident in speaking English and if your typing skills are good 3-4 weeks is enough. First of all don’t worry about your exam center , CS is a standard examination and you can only pass with good preparation. Start with finding a good study partner. In initial days for practicing history taking online partner works too, don’t get pressurized with time , learn how to start , how to ask question .how to make closure and learn to express your empathy. Typing speed is very important, if you are slow, start working on that.
on second round of preparation try to find live study partner , start doing on timed mode, learn focused physical examination . Type your notes and discuss what you missed. Tell your friend about your diagnosis ,defend your diagnosis and investigations . (i think it helps to memorize )
a week before your exam -sharpen your knowledge, with a chief complain try to form differential diagnosis in your head that makes it easy for you if you are practicing without mnemonic , if you practice with mnemonic revise them multiple times.
in between your preparation try to get feedback from your seniors and friends who have passed the exam.
For the exam day stay confident, be there on time, wear comfortable shoes( yes formal one, lot of standing is needed) . Before real examination they will give you tutorial about the exam. They will show you the arrangement of room and location of instruments, gloves and sanitizer. Yes that helps to relax.
before you enter the room of the patient Don’t worry and give some time around 40-50 secs to read the patient details, instruction for physician and yes the vitals.
write the mnemonic in your paper before your enter.
Don’t hesitate to shake hands and greet them, never forget to wash hand /sanitize /gloves , ask them to pronounce their name if you think they have difficult names.
try to be comfortable with them. Always answer their concerns , ask them again if they have any other questions.
Try to wrap up your patient encounter 1-2 minutes early if your typing is slow.
while typing patient note try to be brief and specific , on physical examination it’s okay just to type positive and relevant negative finding
make at least 2 differential diagnosis write some points in favor
start your investigation with relevant and important one…
very important thing to remember after exam
we are human and we make mistakes, even with mistakes we can pass. Don’t worry much about the exam and start working for other exams or on your CV .
USMLE journey is a long one and it needs a lot of patience
all the best to everyone
Thank you

October 12, 2019
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