USMLE Step 2 CK Muhammad Numan Khan Experience (271)



Quick Summary: Duration: 5 months & 10days. (10th April, 2016- 21stMaterial Used: September, 2016) • All Kaplan 2014 Videos with Kaplan Lecture notes (LN 2016) (The best of all sources to build the basic foundation for step 2ck)• MTB 2 for IM• MTB 3 for other subjects (didn’tlike it so much)Question banks: • USMLE world Q bank for Step 2 CK (online): most imp source • USMLE world Q bank for Step 3 (offline): do it if you have time, it’s really goodNBMEs: NBME 4 (offline): Score 230. June, 2016NBME 7(offline): Score 255. July, 2016 UWSA (online): Score 281. August 2016NBME 6(offline): Score 261. September 2016, 2 weeks before examPREPARATION After taking my step 1 Exam in March 2016 (259), I took a 1 month break and started studying for step 2ck while doing my internship/House job. In the 1st•Started with Kaplan lecture videos (2014) and lecture notes. I did it in around 2 months. Then took NBME 4.2 months I would study for like 6 to 8 hours a day while in the last 3 months I would usually study for 10 to 12 hours a day. •Started IM from MTB 2 and revised other subjects from Kaplan LN and at the same time started doing UW Q Bank for Step 3(offline). It took me around 1 month to complete this and then took NBME 7 and then booked the quarter period for Step 2 CK.•Started UW Q bank for Step 2 CK (onlineand did it twice) and revised all subjects fromKaplan LN with MTB 2 and MTB 3(did it once, didn’t like it. Just transferred the few important points it had toKaplan) .This took me around 2 months. Then took UWSA and booked the date.•In last 20 days before exam. Revised UW notes I made, revised IM from MTB 2 and other subjects from Kaplan LN . Focused on preventive medicine, immunization and screening.ONE DAY BEFORE EXAM DAY: I woke up took the Fred exam. It is a complete simulation of actual exam. So doing it helps you to skip the tutorial on the exam and adds 15 minutes to your break time. I also revised preventive medicine, immunization and screening tests.


EXAM DAY Make sure you are fresh, a good breakfast and try to reach the center at least 30 minutes before your scheduling time. Don’t forget your Identification card and permit. I hadn’t had any issue withtime management or exam day fatigue as I prepared throughout for this day. Make sure you manage your time well and you don’t get exhausted. I had almost enough time to answer each block. The key in step 2 is to exclude other options because most of the mcq’s will have options that will make you confuse in between 2 of them. After exam you will be like I just failed itwhich happened to me but trust me the outcome is good.TAKE HOME MESSAGE •Try to think as a clinician. Know how to approach a patient andwhat you think is good for the patient. Remember the guidelines. The real exam is different from UW and UWSA but if you have a sound foundation of your clinical knowledge you will do good. •Don’t try hard to memorize stuff. It’s all about the basic concepts and principles. •Motivation, dedication and the quest to learn more will help you to improve and learn. •There will be times in which you’ll be distressed and feel like it’s not happening. Trust me that happen to everyone. It happened to me too. But thenyou realize that all the knowledge you learn here is not just so that you can regurgitate on exam day but will help you throughout your life in saving life of patients. I wish you all best of luck. Hope you all do well on your exam. And do let me know how you did on your exam and how this experience helped you. I’ll be really glad to know that you performed well. Sincerely, Muhammad Numan

October 11, 2019
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