USMLE Step 2 CK – Experience – 255

USMLE Step 2 CK - 255

USMLE Step 2 CK – 255

step 2 ck : 255
I am a US-IMG from Yemen, didnt study well during medical school. Graduated last year. Took step 1 two years ago, i got 237 in step one.
I studied for step 2 ck for 7 months, average of 10 hrs a day, with a day off.
Materials: kaplan book reading twice
MTB2 all sections twice
MTB3: all except medicine once
Kaplan q bank once score: 59%
Uworld qbank twice: first time :75% ( timed, subject wise)
Second time:86%( timed , random)
13 weeks before exam, nbme 3: 214
10 weeks before exam nbme 4: 237
5 weeks before exam nbme 6: 254
2 weeks before exam, uwsa: 258
Exam is very similar to uworld questions in length except for very few questions that are really long. Last block on exam i had 20 questions only, regular questions, not long.
I had one abstract really confusing, no drug ads.
* what i did after i got a low score in nbme 3: It was really depressing, i started doing uworld again for second time, and did all clinical mastery series online, reviewed MTB2 for second time. Thats all
* I didnt write notes from uworld, i thought it takes a lot of time. i just highlighted the things that are new and reviewed them a few days before the exam.

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December 24, 2017
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