USMLE Step 2 CK 266 Experience – Uddin Moiz

Hello fellow procrastinators.
so I went through the tumultuous day today that is the 3rd(4th in my case) wednesday post CK.
and thankfully I emerged alive, better and surprised
Score: 266
never did i imagine this score so writing this missive to possibly help yall
A little bout me: gave step1 in 2016(my knowledge was hence pretty rusty i suppose), started ck prep this yrs march gave exam in june
All i did during prep was uw uw and uw, 3 times to be exact lol. online. and i can confidently say Uworld is more than enough for ck. it may sound hella cliched but its cliche cuz its true.
didnt do cms forms, no other book, no other nothing, just uw uw uw and yes made my own notes, didnt do the ones that are available online. so yeah make ur own notes even if it takes a lot of time, it helps in solidifying the concepts, and i did OME too but i did it in jan before i even began UW , it definitely made a good base to set everything on.
other than these, no other heroic measures were taken and Id advise you all aswell to not be adventurous, its rather easy to get engulfed in a bunch of study materials and it’ll only distract you from doing uworld properly.
For assesment i did both uwsa 1(260) and uwsa 2(256), didnt do any nbme, not enough time for that shit
main exam- i was pretty relaxed and post exam i was feeling positive aswell, felt like the exam went well and was overall happy, i personally felt exam was easier than uwsas i know most say the opposite but im saying purely anecdotally. so yeah dont take too much stress.
you may ask if you have any questions
in the end good luck to all, pray that i match in a kickass program and ill do the same for you.
if anyones wondering, my step 1 score was 251.
October 11, 2019
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