USMLE Step 2 CK – 261 in 10 weeks – Sara Khan

USMLE Step 2CK - 261

USMLE Step 2CK – 261

USMLE Step 1 - 268 Experience

USMLE Step 1 – 268 Experience

the beginning…

so I just got back from the US on May 18th and immediately started up with my ck prep because I knew in order to appear in this match I had to give my exam by 1st or 2nd week of August (or so I thought :P). I looked at various articles written by my seniors about ck and found that most of them had a comfortable 4 to 5 months to give their exam, but I knew that if I was going to make my deadline I barely had 3 months. so I made the decision to drop the kaplans from my course completely apart from a few noteworthy topics (here I would like to thank my senior Huma Saeed ย and my classmate Ansab in particular who helped me pinpoint those topics that had to be done from kaplan including the following):

Medicine Endo.. neoplasia of thyroid + thyroiditis
Gastroenterology.. infectious diarrhea
Cardio.. common drugs given at the end of chapter. (I dint do those but just go thru them if u have time)
Pulmonary system.. bronchogenic cA.
Neuro.. vertigo and dizziness and headaches wala chapter.. n dementia wala chapter..
Surgery kaplan: Chapters 1 & 2 complete..chapter 3 only post op complications..chapter 4: GI bleeding, acute diverticulitis, jaundice and Gall bladder pathology algorithms( v v imp)..breast lump and thyroid nodule algorithm..chap 5: intussusception nd hypertrophic pyloric stenosis..chapter 6: coin lesion of the lung..chap 7:claudication algorithm..chap10: prostate cancer.
Gyne obs..u might just want to give a look to prenatal testing, isoimmunization, acute fatty liver,intrahepatic cholestasis of preg,chapters 12&16(graphs in particular),post partum contraception, incontinence(extremely high yield), pelvic masses..
Paeds chapters 1,2,3,4,6
chap 7 physical abuse
chap 8 SIDS
chap 13 complete
chap17 DDH Legg-calve perthes Slipped capital,Transient synovitis,meta tarsus adductus, nursemaids elbow,club foot, osteogenesis imperfecta chap 18 JRA
chap 19 congenital anemias
lead poisoning
And immunodef disorders from First Aid 1

so with this list I felt confident that I could get by with doing IM from MTB 2 (including derma, radiology etc) ย and Surgery, Gynae/Obs and Paeds from MTB3… Psych and Ethics I did from both and Biostat I completely ignored till the last few days because the Step 1 material was fresh in my head.


I was aware that uworld is the crux of step 2 ck prep so I felt confident even if I didn’t read the kaplans. I did a quick read of mtb 2 for IM 3 weeks ( it should ideally take 2 but I was simultaneously fighting jet lag and post- cs exhaustion). I felt I was becoming lazy just reading so decided to get my uworld subscription and start doing the im questions once I had finished the im material in mtb 2. uworld for im took me 2 and a half weeks, making sure to make lots of notes onto my mtb alongside since I only planned to do uworld once.

during this time I also received some seemingly bad news… as is common every year around this time, the usmle people switch the step 2 ck q bank so any exams given in august will get their result near the end of September :/… so now that I had to give my exam by July 28th I had 3 fewer weeks than I had initially anticipated. the situation wasn’t ideal but I felt I could try and make the deadline, if not then august it had to be.

Everything else…

Surgery, Gynae/obs, Paeds and Psych/Ethics/Biostat I ran through from mtb3 in 6 days and did their uworld qs in a week ( 3 blocks a day).

Quick review:

before I gave any nbme I felt I should review IM from mtb2 along with the uworld notes I had made, took me 7 days. I genuinely believe it’s not the no. of times you do the uworld qs, it’s how well you know the principle of the questions asked, for that making notes and reviewing those later on is a good short cut to sitting back to do the whole q bank again, though admittedly my style of studying is more oriented to rutofying material in books compared to answering qs over and over ๐Ÿ˜›

NBME 4- 263 (12 days before the exam)

then I proceeded to review “the rest”… took me 6 days

UWSA- 265 (6 days before the exam)

after this I did 10 blocks of my marked uworld qs again before I felt it was getting redundant, so I went to review the IM topics I had difficulty with i.e. prev medicine, cvs, resp, emergency med.. ( I wish I knew ecgs and murmurs better :/)… I also did the FRED sample qs during this time

day before the exam:

watched some of my fave movies again and generally kept myself from thinking about the exam. hit the bed at 930pm

the exam itself:

time management…. that is all!! lol the qs are the ones you’ve seen in uworld but of course in the exam setting you want to double triple check everything you read before answering… not possible lol. 1st block I ended up blindly guessing my last 3 qs without even reading them… abstracts and drug ads suck! still to this day have no idea how to approach them ๐Ÿ˜› so basically I just kept them for the end hoping I could compensate with the other qs…and before long it was all over… a day I had been looking forward too for months, very anticlimactic really ๐Ÿ˜› it’s just another exam at the end of the day, nothing to be scared about

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