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My step 2ck experience (score 260)

I got a 260 + on my step 1, i couldnt resist myself from a month long break, it took me some time to come back from cloud 9 after step 1, i kind of felt like i may get 250 for step 1, but didnt think that i would touch 260

One month was over and i started searching about how to study for step 2, the experiences and posts were having great contrast. So what i understood then , and what i want to convey now is, every experience has got great element of subjectivity in it. When someone says something s tough, it might actually be due to their inherent weakness in that particular thing, or when someone says something is easy , vice versa. So whichever experience you read dont take it all straight to heart, be skeptical and logical.

I saw many experiences in which people have studied mtb and they themselves told it is useless, which really confused me. I also came across a top scorer who relied on Kaplan as the primary resource. I understood there is no fixed strategy, we all have to figure out what we need to do and what all matierals will suit us , So I understood if you have a good step 1 knowledge and it s fresh, you can start with uworld subject wise for sure… It will be a smooth transition.

I asked a 270 plus guy one question , “if i study uworld from every angle , would i be able to score 260” he answered “yes I think so” , for me that was enough . He was someone i admired a lot , so that answer was enough for me. At that moment my plan was on.
I decided to study uworld and just uworld, and spend as much as time as possible on it, i had the luxury of having enough time, so i made a plan of 6 months.

Step 1 was still fresh in my mind. On another note, lemme say, Step 1 really really really helps for ck, it makes your job really really easy, but fcoz you can still do step 2 earlier and score high and there are people doing that, but having done with step 1 first will make your study period for step 2 more meaningful and interesting, it is like building over a very set foundation. You will bring all the concepts from step 1 and leave those knitty gritty details.

Study plan , i thought , since step 1 is fresh in my mind , i wanted to make use of that advantage, i wanted to have the continuity and the transition smooth , psych stats are essentially the same, so i decided that i will get it done with and avoid starting it all over again from scratches. Choosing next subject was easy , medicine has the most step 1 in it, infact it has it all, so second medicine , obviously Pediatrics s like medicine only , so that next, so Pediatrics , i was doing only uworld, and was scoring 70 to 80. It was all smooth

Next came Surgery was a new thing , alot of new stuffs so it was like studying it all over again, but uworld is really good, i directly did it from uworld and didnt use any text, it was totally fine. When i say i studied from uworld , what i mean is literally breaking from every sentence and every table in it.

Next came the nightmare, obg, i hated that subject at med school, obg was the subject i was least interested in, so to make that transition smooth i saw videos of kaplan 2014 and correlated it with 2017 KLN, then without revision of it I moved to uworld, to my surprise i started scoring nicely

After my first round i took a break of 10 days and went home and chilled, then came back and started revision in the same order of my first round, during my second round after each subject i did corresponding CMS( as a matter of fact you ll get couple of weird questions repeated on real exam

After second round , i did uw3 of psych , obg, ethics , stats, i recommend u to do only these, doing it all can be overwhelming, i feel it s more worthy to do revisions of uw2,
After second round , i wanted to do questions again, jus questions, i covered options and did the entire questions, like 6 to 8 blocks per day, … After that, i went through the highlighted portions of entire uworld, took 10 days … then I did revision of entire uworld tables ( i had taken pictures of entire uw tables )
Last 12 days , i did uwsa1 and 2 one day i did it and next day i read the explanation … Then I regained the entire tables within 2 days …
Read my notes ( forgettable points, was reading for the first time )… I didn’t study the last 3 days, i had to catch flight and all…
I finished my final revision on 19th of nov (exam date 30th nov)

20th nov …Uwsa1… 270 (20 mistakes
22 nov ….uwsa2….268 (23 mistakes )
24 nov ….Nbme 8….256…(19 )
Was sk careless

Other nbmes
Oct last … Nbme 7… 246… 25 mistakes
Nbme 4 & 6 …Around 15 mistakes

Slept more than 8 hours before exam day … Was very cool… I had good speed, so even could spare 20 mins in couple of blocks and had added to break time, every block i had 10 mins or more extra … Since I had time I read the entire abstract and answered the questions

I wrote the latter half in a hurry So couldn’t explain much in detail…Hope this will help someone .. wish you all good luck

October 11, 2019
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