USMLE Step 1 Experience – NEPALI IMG


Passed USMLE step 2 cs second attempt
USMLE step 1:252
USMLE step 2 ck: 266

I am writing this experience because I made some stupid mistakes during my first attempt and failed spoken English proficiency.
So this could help imgs to avoid same mistake I did in my first attempt.

1st attempt:
1.studied for 10 days. Studied only with 2 other friends from my home country. This affected our preparation because because if you study with few people you get less feedback and you don’t realize that your english is poor and difficult to understand.
2.Slow typing speed: My typing speed was in 20s and I had difficulty to type sufficient Hopi
3.Not enough supporting points in the differentials. I didn’t include supporting points from vitals and physical examinations.
4.Tried to cover every question and physical examination. I always rushed and spoke very fast so failed in spoken English.
5.Didn’t practice patient notes well so my patient note were poor and I forgot to mention medications in some case, general appearance in some case and specific maneuvers in some case.
6.I used to write a patient note and then didn’t review it.
7.Didn’t practice fa well. I think fa and minicases are sufficient in exam.

2nd attempt:
1.Practiced with lot of people over Skype got some amazing friends. I could find the words they had trouble understanding and work on that.
2.Spoke slowly and loudly.
3.Practiced for about 2 months. Did fa thrice and uworld once.
4.Did practice patient notes after each case and reviewed with friends as well.
5.Tried to have a focused approach in history taking and did releavant examinations only so I had time left from the encounter for patient notes.
6.Only put relevant differentials and relevant investigations.

Cs is not a tough exam but failing it can cost a lot. A lot of imgs are failing in various portions of exam. So I would suggest to prepare well and gain confidence before the exam. It is better not to appear in the exam with slow typing speed and with out sufficient exposure to English language with people in us.

October 12, 2019
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