USMLE Step 1 Experience of IMG graduate

Hi guys,

I was an inactive member (almost) of this forum…but I was following up the new releases and recent information per se.
and in fact this forum help me a lot.
first of all I would like to say that i have not taken any prep classes for step 1.
secondly i was not a big fan of licking different sources of study material.

My study plan and duration:
Total time for prep of step 1-4.5 momths
about 1.5 moth in betn- i had a **** period d/t some distractions 
real time – 3 – 3.5 mths

FA – Bible/Qur’an/Geeta or whatever u call
Kaplan Lecture Notes – gold standard
Dr najeeb – v good in some topics to understand
NBME 13 – 230 1 month before exam
USWSA 2 – 245 3 wks before exam.

Exam Day Experience:
I was not worried about the exam till the exam day but the last hour before my departure to test center was really terrible…omg…never faced such stress.
but after arriving to test center everything settled down.
block 1 – tough enough
block 2 – better than 1
block 3 and 4 – in between 1 and 2
block 5,6,7 – easier. i mean much better than 1 and 3.
WTF q @ 1-2 in each block- n all from bioastat n epidemiology.
mind storming but doable c effort q , @3-4 in block 1-4 and @ 2 in block 5 6 7
hardest part of the test- epidemiology >biostat> genetics> subj just fine.

Time management:
block 1 n 2- cont,
then break after every block c red bull booster in last 2 blocks(really helps guys, have it).
suggestions— don panic,it’s not that hard as u guess, it’s almost like nbme forms in complexity(but the content totally different).pay ur full attention to epidemiology, biostat, for rest subj FA is enough if u really understand the content there(it does not mean that u just learn by heart).

Big hug n thanks to my friend who helped to ace my exam thru this forum. (somebody in Sacramento? PM me plz).

If u have any queries, just let me know, I’ll write u.

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December 26, 2017
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