USMLE Step 1 Experience of IMG Dr. Farook – 271

USMLE STEp 1 (3)

USMLE STEp 1 (3)


USMLE Step 1 Experience by Dr. Farook

Materials studied and number of times studied:

Kaplan Lecture Notes – 2 times + Kaplan Videos  – 1 Time

First Aid USMLE Step 1 – 6 times

UWorld (1 time offline and 1 time online)

BRS Behavioural Science – only questions 1 time

BRS Anatomy – only questions 1 time

Conrad Fischer’s 100 questions of ethics – 1 time


USMLE is a long process and i recommend you understand your strengths and weaknesses in order to go for this test. My strength was studying for 8-10 hours a day consistently. Some people’s strength maybe to study 24-36 hours non-stop but that is not my strength. I believe that in order to synthesize memory one needs good sleep, good diet and good exercise in addition to studies. So i went to the gym regularly and ate healthily. I did not stay up late and made sure i study in proper rhythm. Rhythm is very important for me and i studied in the following pattern:

Wake up at 8

Go to library after a breakfast and begin reading at 9

Read for 4 hours till 1 PM

Take a light lunch at 1-2 PM. I brought the food along with me to the library and in this way i did not have to go back home to get the food. That maintained my tempo and i did not get distracted in time wasting transit from one place to another.

Then i would study till 7 PM from 2PM i.e. 5 more hours.

Then i would go for a run and then exercise. That was from 7PM to 9PM

9PM – 10PM i would have dinner

And finally i would study 1-2 hours in the night after food

So all in all i studied for 10 hours roughly per day..each and every day.


UW and FA i did word for word..each and every thing. I made sure i knew those books well. Uworld i solved as untimed timed and tutor mode for the first time and i got 82%. In the second time i got 96% and second time i did random and timed.

I annotated everything from UW and Kaplan into FA. I would also google for things not explained well in the books. After googleing i would enter some useful information into my FA. I had basically put FA into a binder and seperated the pages. I would be able to add new pages in between this way. Basically, because FA has so less free space… i had to add my own pages in it. So in this way i annotated stuff from everywhere into my book.

I also did all the NBMEs. I did each and every NBME – offline and online as it is known that the questions can come form any of them

Final days:

In the last months i did only my annotated FA. I just read that book as i had accumulated all the information in it.

In the last week i did somethings like – Heart sounds, ECG, FRED practice test. I also did the questions i got incorrect on the NBME and on the UWorld.

Exam day:

I got cold coffee, red bull and chips in my bag to the Prometric center. No heavy food. I took breaks between all blocks except first 2 and i did them back to back. Rest blocks i took a break between them. Also after 4th block i had the chips. In the rest of the block i alternate between consuming 1 red bull or 1 cold coffee..

August 28, 2018
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