USMLE Step 1 Experience – AMS2


I haven’t been on SDN since starting med school, but I thought I’d chime in with my Step experience in case it helps someone lurking I was very nervous about my practice test scores and felt like I knew the material better than my scores were reflecting, but luckily the real deal worked out well for me.


Baseline, 4.5 weeks before test, NBME 16: 215

2.5 weeks before test, NBME 17: 217 (<– really panicked right about here, couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t gone up)

2 weeks before test, UWSA1: 241

1.5 weeks before test, NBME 18: 228

1 week before test, NBME 19: 223

6 days before test, UWSA2: 241

Overall UWorld, first pass, started Day 1 of dedicated, random untimed: 70% (though steadily climbing throughout dedicated)

Real score: 241


Very happy with how things turned out, despite feeling very uncertain that I was going to even break 230s — by the time I got my score, I was just hoping for 225+. I’m 97% sure I’m pursuing peds, which isn’t particularly competitive, so I feel really relieved and confident headed into MS3.


Good luck to those still waiting to take Step and to get your scores back! Hopefully this helps someone out there

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December 27, 2017
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