USMLE Step 1 Experience – 270 – Dr. Hussain – IMG

USMLE Step 1 (3)

USMLE Step 1 (3)

USMLE Step 1 Experience – 270 – Dr. Hussain – IMG

I started preparing after my final year was over during my internship year. I had to go to work and also study simultaneously and hence it was very hectic. I took 18 months to give this test. I recommend you to make sure that at least when you have the USMLE test, 2 months prior to that you don’t have to do any job or are not at work anywhere and are doing dedicated study only.


First Aid USMLE Step 1

Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 1 with Kaplan Lecture Videos

BRS Gross Anatomy

BRS Behavioural Science

BRS Physiology

High Yield Gross Anatomy

Boards and Beyond


Goljan’s Fundamentals of Pathology

Fundamentals of Pathology by Hussain Sattar (Pathoma)

High Yield Embryology

Conrad Fischer Pharmacology Flash cards

Conrad Fischer’s 100 most likely ethics questions – Kaplan Medical Ethics

Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Biochemistry


UWorld USMLE Step 1

Kaplan Qbank

All 3000 questions of NBME (All NBME test offline and online)

First Round(6 months):

I did Kaplan Lecture Notes with Kaplan videos. I also did FA with DIT in this round. I also did Pathoma completely and some amount of Goljan in this round. I could never do something like Goljan completely as it’s just not possible. I also did Kaplan Qbank and UWorld Offline in this round. The offline tests were very helpful and helped me actually grasp the material as merely rote memorization of theory is not enough

Second Round (4 months):

In this round i shored up my weaknesses as felt from doing the questions & any POTENTIAL weaknesses which may come in the exam. Like: Gross Anatomy is being tested a lot. I knew that if i dont do it well i will face trouble in the actual exam and hence i did BRS Gross Anatomy and High Yield Gross Anatomy. Also, I was weak in up/down arrow type questions and in order to get those down cold i did BRS Physiology. Additionally the subjects of Biochem and Pharmac are memorization type and for those i bought the Flash Cards that i have mentioned. They were helpful to me as i didn’t want to do anything like Anki. So i did those physical flash cards instead. Additionally my Ethics and Behavioural science was weak and for that i did BRS behavioural science and the 100 cases book mentioned in list above. I also did Picmonic and B&B with this as and when i faced issues. Though i did not do these 2 or the other books like those for embryology..i didnt do them religiously. I did them as and when needed but not from cover to cover.

Third Round(3 months):

In this round i did all the books and all the material again but now i did it with the NBME test offline. These tests were very helpful in pin pointing my problems. Like if i had an issue with a particular topic in NBME test.. then that question’s topic i would go back to my books and do that topic very well. So doing books + NBME offline was very helpful.

Online NBME Round (4):

I did 4 NBMEs online: NBME 19,18,17,16 – I got scores in high 250s to low 270s. I also did the entire text books again along with this as my method was to do NBME and understand every single question from it. I would try to understand each and every right and wrong option as these questions are very important.

Final Round before test(2):

I was pretty sure that i will do well on the test and all that was remaining was to make sure that i do the minutae well. And that was exactly what i did. I did the small topics which are forgotten easily in this round.

Test Day Experience:

Exam was brutal. I recommend sleeping well before the test, Make sure not to read anything on the day before the test. This will improve your cognition during the test. Don’t be scared much.. a test cant change you as a doctor. Go in with confidence. Take care and god bless.

September 26, 2018
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