USMLE Step 1 Experience – 267 – Dr. Nadiya

USMLE Step 1 Experience

USMLE Step 1 Experience

Dr. Nadiya’s USMLE Step 1 Experience:

My background is very poor as the grasp over english is week as i did not study in a english school. I try my hardest to make you understand how my preparation and exam experience happens.

First i make sure my english good. So for that i take english class just for my dear USMLE 😉 . I make english strong and then i start USMLE preps. I start by Kaplan Video series with Kaplan Lecture Notes for USMLE Step 1. It was long and exhaustive processes but i still manage to do it in 4 months. Then i start with the questions: I do the UWorld Qbank and Kaplan Qbank. They were both good. I think Uworld make you think much but Kaplan is more straight to the points. It goes to the root direct instead of distraction. I recommend to do the following topics well as they are both HY and tough to do well:

Behavioural Science: Do the Conrad Fischer 100 cases of Kaplan Medical Ethics. Do BRS Behavioural Science selected chapters you are weak in. It is important and tough. Especially do developmental milestones. It is important.

Anatomy: Do all CT scan like Head and Neck CT scan and MRI of the thigh and arm. Do all important imaging of all parts of the body as even coronary artery angiography labelling is important

Physiology: The endocrine system and changes in blood parameters with disease are important. Like you should know that there is hypeglycemia in pheochromocytoma. I am not asking you to just knows the basic but rather know the indepth information with understanding.

Microbiology: Oh my god ! You need to know even the things like worms and the identification via only image. Like if i put image of tenia solium you should know it. You should know to differentiate with tenia saginatum. One is having suckers and other is not having. You should know how to identify bacteria from the stain sample only. Know the agars and how they look. Anti-microbial drugs is very important topic for USMLE Step 1 test.

Biochem: Know glycogen storage diseases well. Know lysosomal storage diseases. Know the genetics and molecular biology well as it is super HY.

Pharmacology: rote memory field. Its all HY. Especially UW + FA atleast you should know word for word. Dont slack do it 100% and it is score enhancing field.

Pathology: I can’t say much. It is all so important. Know the histological images of pathological conditions well. Know the tie-in of genetics and biochem and anatomy with pathology. Everyone does the physiology and pathology and pharmacology together, but very few are able to know things like: Most common ectopic tissue in Meckel’s diverticulum (outpouching of midgut) is normally found in which part of gut ? Meckel itself is from the ileum and hence it is midgut outpouching but the most common ectopic tissue in it is from gastric mucosa and unlike the Meckel’s diverticulum, the gastric mucosal ectopic tissue is actually normally from the foregut as stomach is from foregut. So you maybe given signs and symptoms of Meckel’s diverticulum as pathology but then asked something of another subject. So know to tie in things.

There are all important topics and guidance. In my opinion you can do it if i can do it anyone can. Work hard and believe god will show you the path. Best luck. 🙂

September 24, 2018
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