USMLE Step 1 Experience – 265+ – American Student

For those who are interested in score correlations, I received my score a couple weeks ago. I am an allopathic student with an 18 month preclinical curriculum. Flipped class, pass/fail, PBL style. I worked my tail off during those 18 months to master content for the long haul and to score well on every exam, not just pass. Prepped about 4.5 weeks, couldn’t imagine anything longer than that. Typical study approach, UFAP. Reviewed FA throughout my basic sciences from day one of med school. Likely did 3 passes overall. I did Pathoma twice through. Did Anki from day one for my courses, did Bros deck for the basic stuff (biochem, micro, pharm, immuno) over summer of MS1. UWorld twice through with annotation and thorough review of all answers. All done in 40Q, timed random mode. First pass 78% (final 15-20 blocks ~80-85%) , second pass 93%. Didn’t feel like I could master the UFAP material enough to justify looking at any other resources.


Disclaimer, for what its worth, I have already earned my Pharm.D. and am a Board Certified Pharmacotherapy specialist with residency training. Medicine is a second career for me. That being said…the pharm on my test was pretty darn basic, even without any background.


CBSE 2 weeks before finals of MS2 (mid Dec): 97 (>265) -didn’t think much of this. I felt like I had a lucky draw of questions I just happened to know

NBME 15: Baseline 4.5 weeks out 251 (14 marked)

NBME 17: 3.5 weeks out 257 (11 marked)

NBME 18: 2.5 weeks out 267 (9 marked)

UWSA 1: 10 days out 275

UWSA 2: 5 days out 257

Step 1 taken 2/2/17: 265+ (pleased with this, not sure I could have done much better to be honest, maybe guessed better on unknowns?)


FYI, I have two young kids at home that are a welcome distraction to this thing called med school. If I can do it, you all can too. Crush it and move on. Best of luck.

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December 27, 2017
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