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Hello all. Got my score back from the early March exam, thought I’d share. My prep was similar to Anti-PD1’s appraoch. Firecracker for ~1 year (flagged about 75% of topics), listened to Pathoma once with detailed notes and reviewed several times, Uworld in 30 days (one pass), Kaplan bank (~400 Qs) and FA prn. Took notes of all my errors throughout the Q banks. Dedicated study time was 8 weeks.

Uworld avg: 82%
UWSA 1: 258
NBME 18 (one week out): 236
NBME 17 (few days out): 232
Actual Exam: 254

I don’t understand this discrepancy. You can imagine how anxious I felt after taking those NBME’s, as they seem to be the best predictors for most. But Uworld was pretty accurate for me.
This is not an April fools joke, lol.

Questions posed in comments by students which were solved by the examinee who wrote the experience:

Surgeria said:

I have a general question about the time needed to finish 1 block of uworld in timed, random mode. I need 5 hours to finish 1 block, one hour for the block itself and 4 hours to go for all the answers, going in details with every wrong and right answer, why wrong is wrong and why right is right. overall it takes 10 hours for 2 blocks, 6 minutes per questions after doing the blocks itself. Is it considered normal 10 hours? It’s my second run, first run was long 6 month of subjectwise uworld, now I am doing only UFAP. For the last 6-7 month I used kaplans and stuff with uworld (review books, Kaplan videos, pathoma videos, pathoma book). So now I am in style of dedicated period but I have way more time than people in actual dedicated. What’s you average time folks about doing blocks?

I only did one pass, and I also spent about 5 hours for each block (1 hour for Qs, 4 hours review). Two blocks per day.

Surgeria said:

Please tell me why you had lower scores on nbme compared to uworld? people getting 80+ uworld as I remember were getting way more high nbme scores. What was the problem?

I suppose it was test taking strategy. Mostly silly errors, or overthinking the Qs. I was able to narrow it down to two answers for most.

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December 27, 2017
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