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Hi guys, I just got my score report (253/99) and thought I’d post a thank you note for all the members and staff of this wonderful forum. You’ve been really great and have kept me going through hard times.

My prep stats:
Kaplan original 2011 – I am a member of the Delhi center.
First AID
Levinsons microbiology * love this book – I killed micro.
Katzungs Pharma review thanks @docsasmit for suggesting this.
Goljan – did NOT read except for my weak areas from NBME- then also too much time, I answered a full 3 questions which were only in Goljan ( ya I counted 😛 )

My score stats

UWorld – 71 pct
NBME 3 – 236 (3m before)
NBME 6 – 242 (2m before)
NBME 7 – 244 (1m before)
Free 150 – 87% (great correlator actually, don’t underestimate this )

I was too stressed on 18th night before exam : I POSTPONED it at 3 AM – BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE 
I felt horrible afterward and felt I wasn’t mentally tough enough to take this test. 

I didn’t TOUCH my books till the 23rd, the day before my rescheduled date. I revised FA and the night before had a glass of French wine, an etizolam (partial agonist BZD with short half life) , and talked to my first sweetheart .. either of em or the combination did the trick and could sleep 6 hrs – so thanks to them all

Finally, cheers and may you guys rock in what you do. May god bless u.

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December 26, 2017
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