My USMLE step 1 Experience : 248

Firstly let me describe my background in brief.I graduated from medical college in 2013 and I took step 1 in 2015 December. At that time I had fogotten most of my basic sciences which was taught during initial years of the medical school, and the content of USMLE was diffrent from what we were tought and studied. so I had to start from the begining. And I was an average student at the medical school, just passed the finals with no classes or honours. But for the usmle I had a real passion. 

I spend 6 month of preparation, initial 2 months 4 to 6 hours per day. then 10 to 12 hours per day. I ate well, slept 8hours , evening used to go for a bicycle ride for 1 hour, and do my studies. I enjoyed my studies with my girlfriend, over the phone most of the time. we took a cheap couple package to discuss things. Two people studing together was slow but kept us in the track for long hours.

My main study source was U World Step 1. It helped me to develop a problem based approach to studies which kept me awake, unboared most of the time. since I couldn’t focus on a book for a long period continuosly, I reffered to First Aid book along with mcqs in the u world. I watched kaplan videos in between, to make a difference to the routine. Kaplan videos were useful in the areas of Physiology,Biochemistry,Microbiology. Pathoma  book and the videos were very good to develop an understanding in Pathology. And they were quite interesting to watch.

Every day I did one to two mcq blocks from UWorld and studied the answers with the book. It was really hard to do two blocks at the first round because they cover a huge area, and time flows faster when we start to review mcqs.

I did 3 rounds of Uworld. second round 3 to 4  blocks per day, last round in last 2 weeks I did 6 blocks per day to develop the tolerence, and the practise for the real exam. We were very busy at that time.

in my next post i will write about the last few weeks of my preparation in detail.


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December 26, 2017
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