USMLE Step 1 Experience – 247 – American Medical Student


Got my score this week as well. Fell short of my goal but am relieved because I came out of it feeling like I screwed up hard. Didn’t sleep well the night before, psyched myself out on an early experimental q, was overall a mess and cried in my car afterwards. Because of all the mistakes I made on exam day (I estimate about 20 questions where I panicked and changed to the wrong answer, which has always been my biggest hurdle in taking tests), I feel like I should have gotten a higher score with my level of preparation and knowledge base, if only I could’ve pulled myself together. Propranolol for CK for sure…

My school advisor almost scoffed when I said I wanted 250. Here are my practice and real scores. NBMEs were taken about a week apart. I hope it helps someone.

School CBSE 170
NBME 12 before dedicated 184
NBME 15 215
NBME 13 209
NBME 16 221
NBME 18 209
NBME 17 244

Frankly I was ready to test on the day I took NBME 17, so the week leading up to my actual exam date gave me a lot of anxiety and probably did more harm than good. I felt like I stopped studying productively and started to forget more than I could retain.

Step 1 247

My advice? Trust your gut. Mark the answer. Never look back.

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December 27, 2017
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