USMLE Step 1 Experience – 243 – American Student

Just a little background: my school has a “compressed” pre-clerkship curriculum (1.5 years); therefore, I performed my core clinical rotations from January of my 2nd year until December of my 3rd year. I had 5 weeks of dedicated study time during the month of January, and I took my exam in early February. I received my results this past week.


The UWorld Step 1 QBank was my primary study resource (~100 questions/day), and I supplemented my studies with First Aid and the Pathoma textbook (I watched the videos in 1st and 2nd year, but I did not re-watch them during the dedicated study period). I did not study for Step 1 during my core clinical rotations because I was focused on preparing for the shelf exams.


NBME Form 17: 207 – January 2 [No Prior Preparation]

UWorld Form 1: 249 – January 18 [Day 17 of preparation]

UWorld Form 2: 247 – January 31 [Day 30 of preparation]

NBME Form 18: 236 – February 4 [Day 34 of preparation]

UWorld QBank: 67% (First pass through all 2,500 questions) – USMLE Score Correlation = 243-244


Final Score: 243


Hope this helps! Good Luck

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December 27, 2017
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