USMLE Step 1 – 269 Experience – Armenian IMG

USMLE Step 1 269

USMLE Step 1 269

USMLE Step 1 experience (detailed)  

Artush Grigoryan   Step 1 score- 269

I’m from Armenia, Yerevan , 22 y.o. Studying in Yerevan State Medical University (7th (the last year) year medical student)

Started my preparation in September 2015 (total 11 months) . Before that I red Biochemistry , Anatomy , and Immuno+Micro Kaplan LNs, without paying attention to details ,, (just red once) .

On Sep 1 started Biochemistry Kaplan classroom anywhere 2014 and LNs– 11 days

Then 2 days for Biochemistry section from FA and DIT 2014

Then 3 days for Histology (Kaplan LNs) + 8days for Anatomy (Gross+Neuro) Kaplan classroom anywhere + LNs + UW Biochemistry section (22 questions a day /total-11 days)

A day for watching Test taking strategies and Managing your USMLE study timeline videos from Kaplan classroom anywhere 2014 (KCA-2014)

Then 3 days for Immunology (KCA-2014)+ LNs ,  + Anatomy UW (20 Qs/day)

A day for FA+DIT2014 Immunology (first videos(DIT) then FA)

Then 7 days for Microbiology (KCA-2014) +LNs  + Anatomy UW (20Qs/day)

3 days for FA + DIT 2014 Microbiology (DIT->FA)

14 days for Behavioral science and Biostatistics   (Becker’s videos + KCA2014 videos  8 hour video /day (total 7 days) + (Kaplan + Becker LNs +(UW Microbiology 50Qs/day(4day))(7 days total)

1 day for DIT2014+FA Behavioral science

10 days gap ( couldn’t study)

11 days physiology (KCA2014+LNs) + UW Microbiology (25/day(5days)) + UW Behavioral (24Q/day(6days)

10 days Pharmacology KCA2014+LNs + UW Physiology (17Qs/day)

2days DIT2014+FA Pharmacology

12 days Pathology (KCA2014+LNs) + UW Pharmacology (31Qs/day)

A day for Pathology FA + Foundations videos from DIT2014

NBME 7 offline – 190/200=190X1.39=264

A month for Goljan Pathology 700pages  without audios (You could do it faster) + Pathology UW-(25Qs/day) (15 days total)

NBME 15 offline – 185/200= 185X1.39=257

20 days for Pathoma video + book + Pathology UW(what remained ) + FA+DIT2016 Systems (all)

A month for UW2016 offline (2nd time after UW 2014),

A month for Kaplan Qbank online

NBME 16 offline (192/200=192×1.39=267)

20 days for FA+DIT2015  (all)

NBME 17 offline 196/200=196×1.39=272

A month for  FA2016+ DIT2015 again

3 days for Bistatistics Subject review (online)UW ,,  + 100 cases of ethics by Conrad Fischer )

NBME 18 online a week before exam (extended feedback 60 $) – 273

There were some days I didn’t do anything related to exam .


Exam was on 4th of August 2016 , score report day-24th of August 2016 (Wednesday is a typical day for score reporting after 8am Eastern time )

About Exam !!

The environment was excellent !!,  Not noisy . 7 blocks (6 of which were 40 question blocks , the last one had 28 Qs) Questions were similar to NBME 18 .  

I found 265 Questions out of 268 somewhat familiar (from the sources I did) ,   and 3 Qs were totally unfamiliar (1 I found in Goljan after Exam) 12chapter there is a sentence about TERT mutation)

So it means that Exam is doable  ,  no need to worry ,  just study hard  , and you will find Exam Questions familiar. And that familiarity will help you relax during and after the Exam while waiting for Score report)

That 3weeks last like 3 years but finally I got my results and I can’t describe my reaction !!!!! (just remember the tremor ) hahaha , ,     

So that’s all ,,,  I have Schedule organized by myself for Step 1 (an Excel document)  , so that’s why I could write that much details  .

And Thank you guys for All the Likes, Reactions , Comments, Letters for my post in USMLE preparation Forum group.

Good Luck on your Exam!!!!

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December 5, 2017
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