USMLE Step 1 – 262 – Experience

First of all this forum has been amazing and has helped me a lot and I met a lot of nice folks here who were always ready to help.

Background: IMG, March 2013 grad
Prep time : 3 months 
Hours/day: 10 hours average
Materials: KLN with vids, Goljan with audio, FA, UWORLD, Google images, Wikipedia

Choice of residency wanted : surgery and only surgery

I did not to anything extra than what ive mentioned. What I did differently was :
Repeated kln without videos 2months out, went through images of important topics eg MS … Images included MRI , ct xrays histology, EM of specific cells. Whatever I thought was important I would go beyond kaplan and FA, but not too many topics… I tried to understand everything and memorize very little. Somethings that you have to memorize are mostly pharma and little physio.
Also be prepared to handle graphs beyond what you see in kln and Fa but be prepared with the graphs in them as well…. 

My Uworld cumulative 1st time 75%
NBME 13 1 month out (without uworld) 242
UWSA 2 weeks out 263 , 265
NBME 15 1 week out 261

That’s it guys … Its that simple and trust me you dont need to be a genius to score 260 … But you need to want it bad like i did and push yourself beyond what you think you are capable of.
If you have questions do write them on the forums ill be happy to help and please for the benefit of others try not to pm me just put it on this forum

Ps. I would wanna thank the moderators of this forum you guys do a wonderful job and also my friends here vinaya jd, vita86 kovach and wish them all the best for their step 1


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December 27, 2017
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