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Journey of an IMG with average medical college performance but above average USMLE perfomance


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I got my result today,I got 262. First I have to thank God Kwan Yin,if not because of God,I wouldn’t have confidence at all for this exam.Second to my family,they all supported me during my study,I don’t even have to lift a hand for eating meals.Third to my facebook friends,who discussed with me and strengthen my concept.

I will add a few of my history,you can skip it,but I promise this would be inspiring. I was just a very bad student in my university years. A lot of friends in my facebook can prove that. I never study back then. All I do is practicing DOTA & Counter-strike. Well,the point is when you are preparing for USMLE,what defines you is the Present you,forget all the past,you might be a very bad or very outstanding student in the past. But when you started your preparation for USMLE,that period defines the score.

Materials used – Kaplan LN except Pathology , Goljan rapid review 4th edition , HY Neuro and Embryo , FA 2014 , UW 2013 offline version , UW 2014 online , Kaptest 2012 offline except pathology(very low yield,I won’t recommend it) ; Suggestion – everyone has their own favorite thing,if you are not okay with a book,no matter others say how good it is,it’s a bad book. I never read Pathoma because of that reason so I can’t answer which is better? Goljan or Pathoma? Thank you

Study time – 1 year. Total 11 hours per day.

Assessments – UWSA 1 & 2 (92% in both) , Fred test from USMLE official site (92%), I DID NOT DO any NBME so I don’t know about them,if you wanna know how predictive is UWSA,I added some images. But my opinion is UWSA is not predictive at all.

Tips for exam:

(1) Most important thing in step 1 question is the last line “The Question”. Most questions give you many irrelevant things ahead and then ask another question.

(2) Very important thing. Don’t try to know all the things. You can NEVER know every question in exams no matter how long or how much you studied. Train yourself to choose correct answer from a question you don’t have any clue. How to train? Well,I am not sure too lol. You have to find it out yourself. As I told,it’s a training,not a technique nor method.

(3) Keep faith in yourself. If it fails,then keep faith in your God. Know that your God will never fail you. Whenever you break down,pray for God. Then get up. Never take a break. If you can’t read,do Q banks. If you rest for a while,your speed will go down.

(4) As I said in number (2),you will get a lot of questions you never know,have no idea at all,but don’t worry,USMLE is not so the question stem carefully,they give hints in the question stem about the answer in MOST but not all questions.

(5) Hard work alone is NOT enough. Work Hard & SMART. And the most important thing ever is keep faith. Even I can do it,you all can do it too. We are all doctors.

(6) Another important thing is Practice makes Perfect. Don’t give one time read through so much time. Rather,read it more times. That’s how our hippocampus absorbs. Reading once for one month vs Reading 3 times 10 days each, 3 times is a lot better.

Well,that’s what all I can think of now. I will add if I can think of more important things.

Questions I got – Pathology make the most questions. Now everyone is saying about O&G is being asked in exam. But actually,they are reproductive pathology. Hardest questions in my exam were Behavioral science.they give you equivocal choices. Also,Incontinence is a Favorite question. That’s all. I can talk about topics but not specifics. So please don’t come and ask me Specific questions. I don’t remember them either. Sorry about that

Best of luck to you all!

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December 11, 2017
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