USMLE Step 1 – 257 – Shah Afsando

USMLE Step 1 257

USMLE Step 1 257

Hello everyone..
I got my score this Wednesday ..i scored 257 Alhamdullilah.
I am final year student from Nishtar medical university Pakistan.
i started my preparation when i was in third year of my med school, there were many gaps because of my Academic and personal issues but i kept going,and i would suggest same to you never stop do not let yourself go without working for long time .my dedicated period were last four months…
I was good at my basics and i had sound foundation because i watched dr najeeb during first two acdemic years of my med school and i strongly recommend dr najeeb to all those who are planning to take exam lately or have sufficient time,because dr najeeb use to say ”Lasting knowledge is a result of clear concepts”..
My resources were..
Pharma=kaplan lecture notes + steve harris
Physio = kaplan notes + lectures
Anatomy =high yeild
Neuro Anatomy =kaplan video + notes
Embryo = langman
Biochem = kaplan sam turcco
Immunology = dr najeeb for basics + kaplan lecture notes
Microbiology=uw + first aid no sketchy shit
Statd and BS= kaplam 2014 lectures notes +videos + BRS(selected chapters)
step1 Medbullet for review of all systems
I watched B&B videos for limited topics.and my weak areas and they were awesome..

Uw first pass 78 %
Uw second pass 95%
Uwsa1 254 two months before
Uwsa2 254 one week prior to the test
Free 120 85% 2 days before
Amboss only for my weak areas i.e BS stats and Anatomy
I took only one Nbme online
NBME 23 =250
Rest of Nbme’s 15 16 18 20 21 = offline with variable no of mistakes.
For me new Nbme’s are not predictive at all they are actually more tough than actual exam.i would not recommend buying them instead do them offline and buy just one or two Nbme’s to prepare yourself for test day environment and enhance time management skills.
Real exam is more like uw and uwsa2 is best predictor +-10
This was for all those who gonna repeatedly ask these type of questions..
The most imp part of my experience is that ..try to figure out what works for you ..
We all are different .we have different gifts and strengths .
The best advise i can give u is try to figure out how you learn and i promise life and step 1 would become alot easier..
See majority of experiences they emphasize on sketchy videos so much that one thinks its impossible without sketchy but for me sketchy is a useless shit you have to remember a whole lot of painting for just one bug and there are countless didn’t not work for me and i didn’t wastes my time on it i gave multiple reads to Fa and uw and i didn’t miss a single micro question on my test..
It was just an example.
Just because i watched kaplan physiology and scored 250+ doesn’t mean you have to watch it to cross 250.
I scored 250 not because i followed all those who scored 250 instead i figured out what was convenient for me.

Rest i m thankfull to all those beautiful people i encountered here.those who not only did hard work but also supported others in the form of review experience,answering their queries and sharing there stuff..
My thoughts and prayers are with all those who are taking their exam sooner or later ..
May you get whatever you desired of ,
keep on growing. Keep adding to the goodness and beauty in the world. Keep developing those unique dreams and talents that make you who you are, Be lifelong learners,Whatever you do, never stop learning, exploring, growing challenging yourself to be your best and never stop sharing and caring because we make a living by what we get, We make a Life by what we give. ..
Stay blessed

September 24, 2019
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