US MS2 – USMLE Step 1 Experience – 257

NBME 13 3/5/17 248

NBME 15 3/14/17 246

NBME 19 3/31/17 257

NBME 16 4/14/17 265

NBME17 4/18/17 269

NBME18 4/21/17 255


Real thing (April 2017)= 257


uworld twice, with first aid. its the recipe that never fails. imo always get the newest edition – there was a lot of new info in 2017 vs. 2016. also sketchy micro and pharm is gold. I have no idea how i would have learned the neuro/psych/antiarrhythmic w/o sketchy pharm. FA is just a vomit of info, and no uworld question captures all of the concepts in a single place like the pharm videos do. Another thing I found useful – if you are using the paper copy of FA you are doing in wrong (at least imo). it’s a massive waste of time looking up buzzwords in the index. get an online version of FA, open up like 5-9 version, and search function terms. and pay attention to every single time the buzzwords you are searching are noted in the text (e.g. if you search retinitis, look at every single place where it is mentioned. it helps to build contrast b/w subjects). it the beginning it is painful and there is so much you don’t know. but it gets faster, eventually. like months later (for me!). i never actually read FA front to back but I definitely had seen every page multiple times using this method. in terms of pathoma, it’s definitely high yield. a few questions were indeed “high yield” as he mentions in his videos. but these are typically random facts. they are good to know, and good to be familiar with for sure during your test, but i feel this is a resource best maximized in the last weeks of study, where you can tie together concepts you already know with the small high yield details he provides.


I took my classes seriously the first year of school. in the end, the info i probably learned wasn’t super high yield but i probably became more familiar with the language of medicine. second year, i tried to do at least 40Q from each system with my school’s systems based modules. i think this was really important. you don’t have to do every question to get a feel for how the subject as a whole is tested in uworld/nbme format. around january, i started doing 40Q random and timed. i finally finished uworld first pass at the beginning of april, and did the second pass within the month of april.

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December 27, 2017
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