US MS2 – USMLE Step 1 Experience – 250

Just have got the result.

UWorld first pass 79.5%

NBME 19 236 ( 6 days before exam)

FRED 120 89.% ( 3 days before)

Real exam. 250

Thank you very much. To be honest, I was expecting something between 240 and 250, but after disappointing result of NBME 19 would be glad to see anything higher than 235. My exam overall was roughly that I was expecting, unlike my step 2ck. I had overall 272 questions, the last block was only 32. The 3-rd one and the last one were extremely hard, I probably marked 40 % of questions on them. I clearly remember the last question of the last block. The clinical question written by some misanthropic guy . Was given a clinical scenario with 5 options of diagnosis, none of them were even close to be true. In the first half an hour after the exam I found out around a dozen mistakes I committed. Strongly recommend against doing that to anyone, just suppress your temptation.

Again, diagnostic forms failed to predict my result. My step 2 ck result was over predicted by UWSA by 16 points, here is under prediction by 14. Still I am glad I took this form. In the real exam I had a question almost identical to the one that I did wrong in NBME.

My preparation materials were FA, a must, Pathoma( to say it is an excellent resource means to say nothing). Kaplan video lectures and lecture notes. For the old IMG which I am it was also extremely helpful, especially biochemistry, genetics, pharm. I didn’t like their pathology lectures though. I did Rx once ( didn’t tell me much), Kaplan qbank once ( much of lower yield stuff, but the physiology and pathophysiology parts had some important concepts). UWorld did in the last two months twice. No need to mention the importance of that qbank. But one has to use it as a learning tool, not as a monitor of progress or something in that style.

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December 27, 2017
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