Upasana Maskey – USMLE Step 2CS Experience




Study time: 1 and half month with dedicated time only on the weekends (had to care for my 4 month old rest of the days)
Study materials: First aid, live partners
Exam day: Had barely slept the night before. First case was a shocker, didn’t finish the case on time, barely had time for examination and closure, time was up too quick… a huge EYE OPENER!
2nd case: simple case, rushed through the history and examination, had ample time for closure and left room 1-2 mins before and wrote a pretty good patient note – Confidence was back!
Rest of the cases just paced with the history and exam (coz all you need is to get your diagnosis) and focused on the closure, being nice to the sps, smiling and also making small talk during hand wash and any other chance I could get. Showed concern. Most cases left the room before time so had enough time for patient note but after i was out did realize that i had missed few counselling points like smoking (which was haunting me till today). I did not however use all caps for the patient notes and I think it is a personal choice.

My advice: It is not a tough exam but I wouldn’t want anyone to underestimate it as well. It is not just about spoken English and don’t trust people who tell you that oh you’re English is okay/good so you are good to go. Be prepared for anything and also if you are well prepared you are more confident in the main exam. Practice practice practice. I met few very good friends through this portal and glad that I had their support. Make time for live study partners. Online study partners don’t help. Be quick with at least the examination part so that you have enough time for closure. Getting the differentials on point is more important so you know where you are headed with ur closure and patient note so do focus on the Dds. Rest is just about being nice to the SPs. Treat them like you are really concerned about them and genuinely want to help. Wish you all the very best!

October 12, 2019
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