Umar Iqbal – 265 – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience

Step 2 CK, April 2019 experience.
Umar Iqbal, PGY1 Internal Medicine resident at SKIMS, Srinagar.
Hello everyone!
I have benefitted from the exam experience of those before me, I am hoping mine will help somebody too.
Step 2 – 265, previously Step 1 -265
UWSAs 1,2, NBMEs 6,7,8 – All in 270’s.
1) Onlinemeded: Great framework, minus the surgery part. Don’t try and remember the flowcharts, just understand the rationale of why we do things and how to approach a patient.
2) Kaplan : Ob-Gyn is excellent, it didn’t seem like good utilization of time elsewhere.
3) Step up to Medicine: Maybe good for the wards, not good for the boards.
4) First Aid CK 9th edition: Giving it a miss probably won’t cost you.
5) Dr. Pestana’s surgery notes: Beautiful and fun to read but probably not updated, not a big help on exam day.
6) Qbanks:
1) UWORLD 2. It is hands down the best resource. It is the First Aid for CK. I think 250+ is totally achievable with uworld alone. Understand and remember.
2) UWORLD 3. A good add-on, but only if you have time. Skip it otherwise.
3) Amboss. The Qbank has a lot of catching up to do if it wants to compete with Uworld. But, I wish I had known about their Library feature when in medschool. It is awesome. The clinical algorithms and pearls are fantastic.
4) CMS forms. 4-5 fun facts per form, but not particularly useful on exam day.
5) Onlinemeded qbank. Good for the ward, unnecessary confusion creator for the boards.

Uptodate is the ultimate answer to any dilemmas; use it as a last resort.
At the end, I would like to emphasize that CK has a lot to do with common sense. Keep it handy on test day and you will be fine.
All the best!

October 11, 2019
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