Tayebah Chaudhry – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


My experience in Philly….
I’m writing this just to convey one message…..ALL CENTERS ARE EQUAL!!!

Do not run after Houston and pay extra money to anyone just for that center. Do not pay any training centers either. Just practice online and with live sps.

SOURCES: FA was the main source. I had several online sps and i did each FA practice-case with them at least 5-6 times. I did not practice short cases but read them twice.
Looked at Sherazi just the intro part and couple of cases.
UW practice-cases only to practice a different pt scenario. Didn’t read all the details (You can skip uw).

TYPING SPEED: mine was average but I wrote pt notes after most of the cases when I practiced online and live with sps. That helped! Did not use any typing website.

PREP TIME: I practiced live with a sp for 4 weekends (total 8 days) and that was the backbone of my prep. Practiced live for 4 days before exam at Vanessa’s Airbnb.
Total prep time 6 wks. Dedicated prep time 4 wks but 4-6hrs a day only.

EXAM DAY: I was the only IMG and did not panic about it. All sps were very nice and regardless of their acting role, smiled at the end.
I did not write the right diagnosis for 1 case, wrote 2 diagnoses for each case, left the room well before time in every case, did focused physical exam and obviously forgot few things in almost each case. I did smile and showed empathy in all cases, tried to speak well, asked permission for everything, ended all cases in a nice way. I did not run out of time in any case. Utilized my extra time in pt notes. Wrote HPI pretty well and in a flow so the reader would understand it easily.

I thank Allah, this forum and all my study partners. This was my favorite exam. Good Luck! ?

October 12, 2019
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