Sura Alsaffar USMLE Step 2CS Experience


Hi everyone
So finally I’m done with cs , waiting probably more than 2 months for the result!
I was the oldest one today , 99% were medical students…
it’s life when gives you a chance after 23 years of graduate to go through the USMLE journey!!!
Anyway it was a good experience.
I was worried if I couldn’t understand the SPs as I’m not Native American buttt I’m happy I did understand them all:)
SPs did their job and I did mine as well in my opinion…
I acted as I’m a doctor not as I’m in an exam , asked for history and did focused exam then wrote PN which I’m pretty happy that I haven’t ran out of time ?
It doesn’t mean that I didn’t do mistakes …
my mistakes :
I couldn’t remember all questions I should ask
I guess I forgot to shake hands at the beginning of first encounter but immediately shook hands at the end of it .
I couldn’t guess 2 cases diagnosis but didn’t show that to the sp .
My positive sides as I feel :
I tried to ask about medication which looked vague to me .
I tried to rephrase everything I felt not well understood so I make sure I get the right idea.
I showed my empathy and concern regarding their concerns.
I tried to act normally as the real life .
I appreciated every good step of the sp such as quit smoking or drinking or eating healthy food…
I practiced 4 months coz it was new thing for me even if I had practiced medicine since 1998 but it was outside USA.
I practiced with different sp , special greeting to Monette Legaspi-Castro, Joy Dela Vega corpus , Sucheta ,Hossam ….
I hope I will pass , it will give me encouragement to continue this hard journey.
I’m here for any question, it will be my pleasure…


October 13, 2019
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