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A few people have been asking for the experience and preparation-details of Step 3

So in a nutshell, I would say do UWorld properly; three times at least…

Still, the exam will be new to you; many prognosis kinds of questions which you can’t prepare from anywhere, will be in the exam, like percentages or may be most common finding, treatment, and investigations etc!

Secondly, along with uworld quickly read both MTBs and Step 2 CK UWorld tables. You will find many things from Step 1 FA and NBMEs. So be prepared to meet your old fellows like cornstarch toxicity. Keep your common sense alive. Know the time management. Take NBME and try to score in 500 plus.

Solve Kaplan qbank; it is said to be low yield but I feel it is extremely high yield… they won’t even bother to change the lines of the question in a few cases. So please do it thoroughly.

Do Step 3 UW managements and tables again and again or stick them in your room.Do biostats from all steps including Step 1 to extra UW biostatistics. If you are aiming very high, solve CMS questions too. Know high-yield behavioral sciences for example adopted child, raped women and other legal rights. Know vaccination and toxicity well.

Lastly, If you want to pass the exam with flying colors in a month do Crush CCS and practice CCS daily from day one for 2 hours. Make it interesting! Do CCS by Fischer and learn it well. All the orders and counsel and consent stuff. Know the timing and clock well. It needs practice!!

Any question will be welcome! Please don’t contact if the question is other than USMLE. Please!

Wish you best of luck in your future endeavors!

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December 25, 2017
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