Srijan Valasapalli USMLE Step 3 Experience


Passed step 3!!
Thanks to this incredible group.

I did UW (step 3) – Qbank (once and repeated wrong ones) and CCS (2x). Before I solve a block of that particular system, I would refresh it from my CK notes. I didn’t make extensive notes like step 2 CK but made flash cards of concepts which I thought I may forget. I’d do 2 blocks/day on an average.

After one round of Qbank, I started doing CCS half day and the other half for wrong questions and flash cards.

Biostatistics: subject review is a number one resource for clear understanding of the topic. I felt main exam Biostatistics questions / drug ads / abstracts are not as difficult as UW. But be sure to have those questions towards the end because you won’t freak out.

CCS: I did only UW and crush ccs and I had average performance. But I heard helped some people too. One tip I’d give is: read the physical examination part and the labs clearly. We tend to miss some important information as we look for only what we want. The software lag is not very significant, so it’s fine. Do only important investigations (especially in 10 mins cases) as you won’t have time to do everything. Practice is the key.

Uwsa1 : 204 (2 weeks before)

After uwsa1 started to do questions in mixed random mode. Until now I was doing untimed system wise. In this week, I got used to the exam flow.

Uwsa2 : 229 (1 week before)

After uwsa2, I did flash cards again. Read FA for step 1 (pharmacology – ANS, Microbiology basics) but not a lot was tested.

Main exam : day 1 feb 11: felt like a wreck. It was very bad feeling after the test. I totally omitted 2 qs (time shortage), exceeded break time for the last block etc. So felt like I should do well on day 2 to make up and pass.
Day 2: feb 14 (Parted with USMLE on Valentine’s day haha) : no biostatistics. Felt lighter than day 1. Questions were relatively simpler but NOT shorter as I expected them to be after hearing some reviews. Since CCS cases end in 10-11 mins, you’ll have that time added to your break. So feel free to use all 45 mins of break time during the first half of the day. Screwed up like 3-4 cases. (I mean I didn’t kill them or anything but they went bad – didn’t do necessary investigations, had negative updates) but CCS was average performance, so I was fine maybe.

Result : 226 (heard today) thank God!!

October 13, 2019
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