Spoorthi Jagadish USMLE Step 3 Experience



Here is my step 3 experience! Score 240.
I had taken step 2 ck in July 2018.
I took my step 3 on Jan 30 and Feb 1st.
I started preparing seriously since early November. But it was a little tough to get into the groove of studying in the middle of interviews and stuff.

Sources- I did only uworld. My scores were in the range of 55-75 in the first round. I did the incorrect questions too until I got them right (painful process). Second revision, I was able to complete less than 50% of the questions.
I spent a lot of time revising all the tables and flashcards.

For CCS, I just stuck to Uworld again. Went through the cases twice. There are also some documents in this group which I found useful- like 100 rules etc.
I made it a point to pause and reflect- does this patient need some orders like o2, ekg before exam. If unstable in office, immediately move to ER. Always take consent, counsel etc..

Exam day- started the wrong way. I had to drive down 75 miles to the exam center and it was the week of Polar vortex in the Midwest and temp was close to -50f, maybe I was foolish, but I drove down at 5.30am and managed to reach without any mishaps!
Day 1- biostat questions were several, but quite easy. I had solved uworld biostat review and revised step 1 first aid too. You need to know all formulae very well. Drug ads were pretty ok(I am normally terrible at these). I kept drug ads for the end of the block. Completed all blocks with time to spare.
There were few questions from basic micro and pharm. I took 2 breaks in total. Came out feeling kinda numb.

Day2- again drove down early in the morning. The mcqs were much easier than day 1. Ccs part- cases were pretty easy to diagnose, although I totally missed diagnosis in One of the cases. But overall went well. I took just one break in ccs( which was a wrong thing to do perhaps) because I was in the flow. Came out feeling just relieved!!

Thanks to this group. Some of the files, tips really helped.
Overall I think this was the easiest of all USMLE exams and 3 months is sufficient prep time!

October 13, 2019
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