Sophie Gerndt – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience


PASSED in Philadelphia ?
This is for everyone out there that couldn’t get a date in Houston, for all of you that may feel uneasy and as much as I needed reassurance back then when everybody would say that Houston is the IMG friendly center, I want you to feel more confident about taking your exam in Philly.

Test date: March 8th, 2019
Preparation time: 6 weeks
Resources: First Aid Step 2 CS (2x, don’t ignore the minicases, study them as you would study the practice cases), Sherazi notes

I had an online skype study partner and a live study partner (he also took the exam in Philly and passed) at the beginning of my preparation.
As I couldn’t get a date in Houston I decided I would at least spend some time studying there with multiple SPs, and so I did, I spent almost 2 weeks there and it was great, if you can do that I would definitely advise for it, you get to practice so much and get a lot of feedback and tips, your SPs make you notice some things about your performance that you weren’t really aware of, plus you make some friends, I got to know many people with different cultural backgrounds and I enjoyed it so much, I swear I was utterly sad when they left ?
Then I got to Philly, 2 days before the exam, I stayed at Vanessa’s Airbnb, people that come to Philly for the exam also study there.

The exam was doable, I felt nervous especially at the beginning but then you will get confident as you pass by the next SP room and so on.
I know I did some mistakes, so my #1 advice would be: Don’t seek for perfection, but efficiency (learned this from a friend I met back in Houston)
You don’t have to ask everything while taking a pt’s history, or counsel about everything, or always have 3 differential diagnosis for every single case, you will do mistakes and there is nothing wrong about that.

And lastly but not least, my #2 advice: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

October 12, 2019
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