Sindhu Rao’s RECENT USMLE STEP 2CS Experience


Hey Guys.. Got my CS result today and I passed It feels amazing to clear one single step. And Imagine what its like when you MATCH I bet the process is tiresome but its definitely worth it!! Just keep going !!!

Cs Houston May 2016!! Prep time 1 month proper before test. 1 more month prior wasting time making arrangements for my stay and us trip.

I should say it’s the best part of whole USMLE process. I practiced first aid for two weeks on Skype with study partners I could find in the cs group. I stayed for 2 weeks before test at Baymont Inn Houston which is near by cs exam centre, a place where you find many imgs and you do have a lot if guidance from people who are already done with their test (I hope you understand guys:p)

Practice is the only key to success. Keep on practicing with study partners in person.

Improve your typing speed.

It makes a lot of difference to practice in person compared to what we do over Skype.

It’s the easiest exam to pass.,totally doable Cs was my first test to take..I did not have any prior elective/obsie experience. I still passed !!!

I did not take any course, I felt they were all expensive and not so needed.
All we need is to impress your patients and I know i definitely would make an impression

Study materials: First aid for step 2 cs + Neeraj Notes + Houston Notes +clinical exam videos on youtube

***** express “EMPATHY” to your patients and you will definitely pass

PS: Its not as easy as what I say. Practice makes it easy.

October 12, 2019
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