Shirin Devali – 267 USMLE Step 2Ck Experience

Step 2 CK experience April 2018


I got a lot of guidance from this FB group. So 1st of all, thanks to this group and all the past experiences I’ve read!


Score – 267

Date of test – April 10th, 2018

Result date – May 2nd, 2018


Background info –

Prep time – around 6 months with multiple breaks and distractions. (was emailing PDs for observerships, getting visa stuff done etc PLUS I was working full time during prep except for the last month)

Step 1 score 268 (test taken in Aug 2017)


UWSA 1 – 267 (2.5 months before exam, with around 1/2 of UW done)

NBME 8 – 262 (1 month before exam)

NBME 7 offline – 22 wrong (around 3 weeks before exam)

UWSA 2 – 259 (10 days before exam)


Dear readers,

The first thing to understand about Step 2CK is that this is NOT an easy exam, in fact it was one the most mentally gruelling exams I have ever taken. The scores are higher in this exam because everyone must be doing relatively worse than Step 1 on this exam and thankfully the scoring system is percentile based.


Materials used – UWorld (I got a 6 month subscription)

A few kaplan videos for IM (Cardio, Nephro), Peds and Surgery (trauma)

Kaplan lecture notes for OBGYN.

CMS – did only 2 CMS forms due to lack of time.

ALLUWNOTES – did pysch from here.


From my experience it is clear that one can score a 250+ on CK with just UWorld alone. But if you want 265+ you have to go beyond that.


Recommendations –

  1. UWORLD online!!!!
  2. Uptodate (UTD) is the one resource I would recommend everybody to use(if access to this is possible), I used it only in the last 10 days of my preparation and realized that if I’d started using it earlier I could’ve learnt much more.
  3. If possible go through all CMS forms once.
  4. Make notes from UW, annote the 1st line management for EVERY disease from UTD, REVISE YOUR NOTES in the last couple of weeks.
  5. Test yourself regularly with NBMEs and UWSAs. Take 1st self assessment preferably 2 months before exam to know how much you need to improve and which subjects/areas need extra attention. Thereafter, take at least 1 self assessment every 2 weeks. Keep UWSA 2 for the last 2 weeks. It’s the toughest, best predictor and closest to the exam.

    All the best for your USMLE journey!!! This journey is a test of your focus, determination and discipline.  


October 11, 2019
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