Shan Khan – USMLE Step 2 CK Experience & Post-Exam feel !!

Okay.. here goes nothing.. Slept well enough to write this post as some of you were messaging me asking questions about how my exam went.. how was biostats, drug ad, psychiatry and what not..

My exam was on the 26th of March.
Started dedicated prep from October 15..
Initially started from May but those 5 months were not active studying..

I took my step 1 score report and saw what my weaknesses are started studying them from Step Up To Medicine -STUM ( I love that book ).
My Neurology was weakest on step 1 so started reading Neuro from STUM from May 2017 finished it and bought a UW subscription for 6 months and started doing neuro questions.. Now here is the main thing which I did.. I read the whole UW explanation made sure I went back to the relevant topic in STUM and read from it again and made notes of points which were not there in STUM.. Now this process takes determination and persistence along with patience.. because doing it over and over again for each and every question is time consuming.. I did it because I am person who would remember things if I write them down. So did neurology which took about 1 month because I was only doing 20 questions on an average per day and I was not in a rush.
After finishing Neurology I went to psychiatry (next weakness from Step 1) annotated psych in MTB2. Now while annotating notes on MTB2 I realized that this book is no good but any how annotated and finished Psych.
Next target was Cardio.. same thing as neuro doing questions and annotating in STUM.. by thing time my vacation was ending which was during October. So basically from May to Oct I did only Neuro Psych and Half of Cardio.
Came back to USA.. now from Oct 15 started doing Random block atleast a block a day with annotation to either STUM or MTB2. around early December I finished my first round of UW with an average of 62%.. I was not happy with 62% but cant help it because that was the reality.. any how most imporant thing after finishing UW is doing your WRONG QUESTION.
You got them wrong for a reason.. My wrong questions were around 840 something.. again did random blocks of those questions and bought a note pad and taking notes on those point wise because at this time I realized that I will not be able to read STUM to medicine again all over because it would consume a lot of time so better to write the points from those wrong questions..
Finished my wrong questions and my Uworld subscription was already extended for a month which was about to expire so thought of not renewing and buying a new one and did end up buying another 6 months subscription.
Started the new qbank was scoring in the 80-90’s some blocks were 60-70’s.. half way thought it on Jan 19 I thought I should assess my performance so did NBME 6 with a thought of just assessing my weakness and was damn sure that I will fail on it but to my surprise and Allah’s blessing got a score of 232 was very happy with it and knew that what I am doing was right and should just speed up things before my consolidated knowledge starts to fade.. so finished the second round of uworld with 82% over all and then gave NBME 7 now for this one I was sure that I will not make it because people who scored in 240’s barely passed on it so I was bracing myself for the impact and Voila 222.. again thanked Allah Tallah for the reassurance that I am on right path.. now after second round of UW was left with around 420 something wrong questions.. started doing them again.. now I was bored doing questions.. so thought that I should give UWSA1 and see where I stand.. gave UWSA 1 and 255.. I again thanked Allah for the score which I never expected. Still left with around 200’s wrong questions started with CMS.. Did all of them.. then gave UWSA 2 – 249.. Score came down 6 points.. (I started thinking that now slowly the knowledge is flowing away). But People say that UWSA 2 is the thing which either accurately predicts or under predicts.. One week away from the exam, I saw my weaknesses from UWSA 2 and had a kaplan subscription started solving the weak areas from kaplan and tried to finish the wrong questions from UW and reviewed NBME 6 and 7.. day before the exam took NBME 8 scored 243.. Now the score is down again 6 points from my highest of 255 from UWSA 1..
All that can be done was done and there was nothing more that I can do 15 hours before the exam.. so took an Alprazolam Tab 0.5mg and went to sleep.. I am not a morning person so made sure that I got the late morning slot starting at 11:30 am going all the way to 8:30 pm.

Woke up at around 10 am had a restful sleep took a shower and prayed and then wen to prometric center..took coffee on my way drank it half and went to the exam.

Initially thought that I should do 3blocks-break-2blocks-break-2blocks-break-1 block.
Started with the exam did 2 blocks and my bladder started contracting.. took a break of 5mins..
did a block.. again had to use the bathroom.. took a break..
so by the time I did 3 blocks I already used 13 mins of my break time..
so then I thought I should be taking break after every blocks so that I can stay fresh..
Ended up doing 2-1-1-1-1-1-1.
Now I am a person who when under pressure I dont feel hungry.. so I was just taking pee breaks and coffee breaks.. good thing there was DD next to my prometric center.

Now about the exam
Block 1 – straight forward from Uworld.. just an extended version where they are putting more info for you to read so that they can consume your time and energy.
Block 2 – again straight forward from Uworld and some NBME and CMS concepts repeated Cannot recall which ones and please dont ask me..
Block 3 and Block 4 – some WTF questions around 5-6 rest from UWorld…
Now blocks 5 – 7 – these 3 blocks I was stoned.. I could not think properly and some questions I had to read them twice may be because of fatigue or because of the way the questions were framed or I was being too cautious.. I dunno what happened but I tried to be calm and perform my best..
Last Block 8 – was straight forward and felt a little better with the questions.

Biostats – Is one of my weaknesses which I did not focus on and I would say if some one does the UW biostats review should be fine with Biostats on the exam.
1 Drug Ad with 3 questions along with it – straight forward where you should just know where to look for the answer.
Psychiatry – was straight forward from UW.. Atleast I felt..
Ethics – had only few questions were doable..
Patient Safety – got very very few may be around 2 questions…

I felt I had to guess on around 55-60% of the questions because I could eliminate almost all and was left with 2 options which were either both true or both false.. So feeling horrible that I did not perform on around 60% of questions because it was pure guess work.. the rest 40% I was confident ..
Now bracing myself for the impact on the 18th of April.. Light at the end of the tunnel hope its not a train..

Please dua me yaad Rakhna..

And I would highly appreciate if people comment on this post with their questions will try my best to answer..
Please dont ask me what was asked in the exam.. I dont remember and even if I do I will not and cannot share it..

Thank you!

October 11, 2019
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