Saurabh Varma USMLE Step 2 CS Experience



USMLE STEP2 CS Experience
Status – Passed
Centre – Philadelphia
Date – February 26th
IMG from India

All I did was practice FA cases and a few UW cases with my study partners for 15 days in Philly and thats about it.
UW isn’t recommended, does give you a few new cases but thats about it. You don’t have to spend money on it. FA has everything you need.
The most important thing is to find yourself a dedicated study partner (or partners) and practice FA cases with PN typing as much as you can.
The exam is standardized no matter where you take it. Don’t worry if you aren’t taking your exams at the supposedly IMG friendly Houston or Chicago centres.
I did miss a few important questions during the patient encounter in about 2 cases (maybe 3), didn’t counsel in two of the cases where I was debating whether or not it seemed necessary, unsure about the diagnosis in about 2 cases.
Never ran out of time for either the patient encounter or the PN, always gave 3 DDs (2 in 2 cases). Walked out a couple minutes before for every encounter.
The key is to stay confident, not just on the day of the exam but throughout your prep. Build up confidence during your prep and exude it on the exam day and thats more than half the job done. Be as brutal as you can while criticizing your study partner and expect the same from them.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

Good luck!

October 12, 2019
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