Sara Abdalati USMLE Step 3 Experience


Passed step 3 finally done with usmle , not a great score it’s 214 but all I wanted to see was a Pass on my score report. I found the exam extremely hard, brutal and very long. I was tired after day 1 and just wanted to sleep for next 2 days , but I had only 4 days till my 2nd day so I only practiced ccs cases. Total prep time was almost 6 months with a lot of chaos and extreme problems going on in my life like literally the worst time of my life , where all I could do is either cry or focus on something meaningful. The only main resource was Uworld step 3 and I did it twice . Ccs cases the same I did all the practice and interactive cases from uworld with a study partner twice. I think that helped big time to pass the test . It’s hard to sit alone and do questions and cases all day by yourself. The only mistake I made was I didn’t take any assessments which is risky but I just wanted to take the test no matter what , my second big mistake was I slept only 2 hours before my second day which was extremely tiring I don’t know what kept me going through 2nd day because I was literally feeling shut down completely. Please rest well before the exam it’s vital to keep yourself sane during the test. Good luck everyone if I can do it with all my problems everyone can do it , the exam is not impossible just stay focused, stay positive and have faith ! Good luck ?

October 13, 2019
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