Samy Ishak Step 3 Experience



This is my experience:

Score 241

1st of all if you want to do really well in this exam most important 2 things to ace are :
1- biostatistics
2- CCS
I did ck very long time ago but step 1 only 4 months ago
Duration of study…..2 months
Sources of study :
1- UW ( main source ) ….2 times
2- biostatistics of UW …..4 times
3- charts and tables of ck
4- from step 1 …. classification of micro, MOA of pharmacology and nerve lesions from anatomy
5- for CCS …..UW and and 1st 2 videos of Archer

Assessment tests :
UWSA1 …..230
UWSA 2 …..240

Experience of the exam :
Day 1:
The most important issue is time management as unfortunately a lot of questions are super long ….I messed up 2 drug ads completely because of the time
A- 15-20 questions from step 1 ( 5 MOA, 2 or 3 classification of micro, 2 from biochemistry and 3-5 anatomy)
2- biostatistics…. major part of day 1 ….well covered in UW 3…..about 6-10 q in each block with total (40-60 questions) including 4 drug ads
3- rest of questions are ck style mainly diagnosis and management…very easy but very long scenarios

Day 2 :
1- no step 1 qs
2- no biostatistics
3- no problems in time management…. questions are much shorter and straight forward
4- tons of questions on prevention and prognosis….which unfortunately alot of them will depend on guessing
5- CCS cases ……13 cases …..all of them with no exception from UW and

CCS is very important to pass the exam and extremely easy to get high performance in it if you practice well was much helpful for me because of the feedback which markedly helped me to improve my performance

I did my exam in 2 consecutive days with no gap in between and this is wrong as in day 2 I was extremely exhausted and did very bad in the last 2 blocks because of the mental exhaustion
U need at least 1 day break between day 1 and 2

October 14, 2019
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