Saira Fazal USMLE Step 3 Experience



Wohoo ? passed step 3 with 220, good bye USMLE!
So here are the details of my experience…..
Materials used:
  1. First Aid Step1: For cardiology, pharmacology, micro and immunology.
  2. UWorld CK Notes: Would highly recommend especially if its been a while since step 1 and 2 to refresh basic concepts.
  3. UWorld Qbank and CCS: I started with qbank and CCS together, did 2 rounds of both, made flash cards and notes.
  4. Archer Videos: Just watched the introductory video to familiarize myself with the software and operations.
  5. Practice Exams: UWSA1,2 and NBME 4: UWSA were not at all predictive for me, I found the exam much similar in pattern to NBME. Took UWSA1 a month before exam – got 194….was disappointed, delayed exam and studied for another month only to get 201 on UWSA 2. By that time i was tired of studying and just went for the exam.
Exam Experience:
Day 1: Basic Concepts so essentially lots of step 1 and 2 concepts. I seriously felt like i was guessing through half the exam. The questions were not at all like uworld but it turns out my performance was ok.
Day 2: Took after a gap of 1 week, practiced interactive cases on CCS and fred software, read through the practice ones. Day 2 was much better, I had practiced the whole CCS in uworld twice before so it was not menacing. All the cases went well and finished early.
A few people sent me direct messages… apologies couldn’t reply back directly. Here are the answers
  • My qbank expired so not available for sale
  • Overall experience as i walked out of day one was feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the exam. Day 2 was better, CCS went well so i was hopeful.
My 2 cents:
  • Do CCS well, i found uworld to be enough, didnot sign up for anything else.
  • If time allows refresh cencepts from first aid step 1
  • Do the questions and CCS cases from the fred software. Those were a good approximation of my exam.
If anyone needs further info please comment here and i will try my best to answer here.
Good Luck!
October 14, 2019
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