Ruth Corazón Llerena Benites – USMLE Step 2 CS Experience



STEP 2 CS experience in Philadelphia : Passed

Studied FA , Sherazi and Najeeb notes 3 months in advance. I have a bad memory so it took me a while to catch up all the questions. I had to read them a thousand times + 1. Even if you feel like you know them already , just keep reading I’m telling ya. I also managed to practice with a native English speaker at least 1-2 cases a 4-5 a week the first 2 months then every day the final month that was a headache really. I took the month off and studied the guides on the mornings , then practice cases with my regular partner ( that wasn’t a doctor but an English teacher and helped me with the grammar and fluency) and also started practicing with a co IMG via Skype in the evenings ( She was a God sent ) , she would give me feedback on my empathy and physics examination. Then I would watch YouTube videos of the Physical exam till going to sleep. The last three days I stayed at Vanessa’s Airbnb and meet some great people that helped me out with practicing the mini cases and physical examination. Eventually we freaked out , finished early and watched the final episode of GoT lol

In general terms the exam in Philly is a pain but not impossible to face, you really need to check the FA but of course there will be couple cases you will have to rely on your medical knowledge. I run out of time before asking if they had questions a couple of times , forgot certain procedures during the physical exam, mistook counseling twice but corrected myself right away with a smile, couldn’t finish a patient note and mistook a couple of words in English.

My recommendation is to practice and read as much as you can , even better with another medical student . Smile and be polite, speak LOUD AND SLOWLY that will help the SP to understand you better , only once they asked me to repeat a word. Also practice your patient note, I used Kaplan notes to learn the normal physical and then YouTube videos to practice the abnormal.

Special thanks to my dears Chinenye Okonkwo , Maheen Pasha and Uzma Iqbal ?

Best wishes!

October 12, 2019
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